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Student Room Insurance - Halls of Residence

If you’re heading to university and staying in halls of residence, you may be wondering whether you need to take out insurance to protect your possessions.

The good news is that a large number of colleges and universities provide some level of contents cover already. 

University contents insurance

Before you think job done, there are a few things you should do. First of all, check that your college or university is one of those that has some cover in place. If it does, you’ll need to take a look at the policy details. You’ll probably find that it covers your possessions in your room against loss caused by fire, flood and theft. Possessions covered are usually:

- Clothes
- Gadgets including computer equipment and tablet 
- Audio equipment, DVD and video players
- Valuables and jewellery
- Musical instruments
- Sports equipment
- Photographic equipment

Note that mobile phones, cash and credit cards are usually excluded unless they’re stolen via forced entry to your room. Bikes are also often excluded.

student room insurance
student halls insurance

Items to consider covering

University and college policies often include other useful cover including:

- Theft of your bag and contents while in transit between home and halls.

- Damage to your items due to faulty laundry equipment or broken fridges and freezers.

- Theft of items from communal areas if it’s the result of forced entry.

If your place of study has such a policy in place, this is a great start. You should also:

- Check you are happy with policy limits. This is a maximum limit that the insurance provider will pay out on any item or group of items.

- Remember that accidental damage cover isn’t included so if you break or damage something, you’re not covered.

- Consider adding cover to protect your possessions when you’re out and about in general by getting additional cover.

- Decide whether to add items expressly excluded such as your bicycle.

Check if you need cover

If you find that your place of study doesn’t have cover or you’re not in university accommodation you might first want to check your parents’ contents policy. It may include, or be extended to include, cover for your possessions while you are in student accommodation.

If this isn’t possible either, don’t worry, you can always arrange your own policy to get the protection that you need for your possessions. And make sure you check whether you're covered during the holidays.

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