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Can students get joint contents insurance cover?

If you’re off to university and sharing a house, it’s possible to get cover for your possessions whilst you’re living in shared accommodation.

Joint student contents insurance

However you’ll need to bear in mind that if you’re going to take out cover, it needs to be a policy for your individual items only and no-one else’s. Joint policies for shared accommodation are not very common, as they are complicated for providers to insure. You can get joint policies, but they are typically only between you and a family members.  That’s why we don’t compare joint content insurance for shared accommodation.

Another option is to check whether your possessions will be covered on an existing policy, before you look for a new one.

Can students get joint contents insurance cover?

Joint student possessions insurance

If you’re moving from mum and dad’s into shared university accommodation there’s likely to already be a contents insurance policy in place there. If your parents are happy to do so, this could possibly be extended to cover your possessions in your new shared accommodation (usually for an additional cost).

Or if you move into a university or college halls of residence, you may find that they already offer some insurance cover (fire, flood and theft) for most items kept in your room.

If there’s nothing in place, you may be able to get content insurance for your individual room. Most insurers offering this cover will stipulate that your room can be securely locked for any theft claims to be processed.

Whatever policy you put in place, always check the policy features and terms. This will tell you exactly what is covered and in which circumstances. It will also detail your policy limits and excesses.

To compare contents insurance for students, used our contents insurance comparison service. This will help you compare deals and find the right level of cover for you.

joint student possessions insurance

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