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Sickness Insurance: a guide

Sickness Insurance: a guide

With an ever-ageing working population, sickness insurance is something we should all consider. Here’s how to protect yourself against being unable to work due to illness. 

Daniel Hutson From the Life team
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What if I’m self-employed?

You can still qualify for sickness insurance cover. Many people who work for themselves choose to take up sickness insurance, often because they won’t get sick pay as they might from an employer (although they might qualify for state benefits).

With self-employed sickness insurance, your monthly income could be protected if you can’t work due to accident or sickness. 

What if I’m self-employed?

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How is sickness insurance different to statutory sick pay?

The biggest difference could be the amount you’re paid. You can get £92.05 a week Statutory Sick Pay if you're too ill to work as a full-time employee, which tends to be quite a bit less than people’s normal salary.

Ask yourself, is this amount enough to meet the financial needs of you or your loved ones? And might life be a lot easier if you had cover in place to protect you against a range of accidents or ailments?

What level of cover is right for me?

An important factor to consider when entering into a sickness insurance policy is the length of time you’ll be covered. Policies can vary from as little as 12 months, for short-term coverage, or may offer cover as a percentage of your salary right up to retirement, should you have what’s classed as a long-term illness.

The variable levels of cover can have a large impact on the value of your quote. You can find the right level of cover for you and submit a request to a range of the UK’s leading insurance providers with us.

What level of cover is right for me?

Will I be accepted for sick pay insurance?

This is will come down to your personal circumstances and the insurance provider. Some providers boast “Guaranteed acceptance for nearly all occupations”, however that doesn’t provide a definitive guarantee.

While you may find a provider that actually guarantees acceptance, this doesn’t necessarily mean their policy is the right option for you. Each insurance provider will judge risk in their own way, meaning that you will get different quotes from different providers. Always be sure to read your policy carefully to ensure that you have the cover that best suits your needs.

Where can I buy this type of insurance?

The importance of income protection cannot be overstated. You can compare our cheapest quotes from some of the leading sickness insurance providers.

Where can I buy this type of insurance?

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