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Meet the meerkats

I am handsome and success businesskat and have many claws in many pies.

Despite being talent singer and actorkat, I follow in footsteps of my ancestors, and take over family business of compare meerkats.

Aleksandr Orlov
Esteemed founder and CEO of

Skills & Expertise
Business entrepreneurism, fluent speak of English language, honed mongoose detection skills.

Madame Meertropovich’s Academy for Talented Meerkats.

She very strict teacherkat, but I owe Madame Meertropovich for mould me to success and ambitious businesskat I am today.

Fencing, courtyard golf, hallway archery.

Sergei is very old. It is difficult to date him exactly, but I estimate him no less than 77.

What Sergei lack in social skill, he make up in understanding of the Computermabob. As well as being Head of IT, Sergei is also Head of My Tea. I like it milky.

Head of IT

Skills & Expertise
Upload meerkats, unclog pipings, mix rocket booster fuel, make tea.

MIT (Meerkat Institute of Technology)

Sergei have receive his first computermabob on fifteenth birthday. By age seventeen he had discover how to plug in. After graduate from Meerkovo School he win scholarship for study at prestigious college M.I.T.

Calculating, Tetris, World of Meercraft, cross wordings, Dolly Parton musics.

Oleg is our most beloved meerpup. He is curious and always want to discover new places. Is why he was so excited for live in Africa with other safari meerpups.

He is sociable and he play in the sun all day with best friend, Ayana. He already catch beetles with his own little paws, but he still has a lot to learn about life in Africa from her.


Favourite Occupation
Building sand/snowkats

Favourite Colour
Grub green

Best Friend

Favourite Food
Beetle bits.

Maiya is glamorous and beautiful teacher at Meerkovo Primary School. Before trying to tame the mischievous meerpups of class 1C, she was chasing the tails of evils mongooses and meerkats.

Although she sign Official Secrets Act, she has been knows to tell a few tales of her days as a spy after a cockroach cocktail or two in the Queasy Mongoose.


Good manners.

Favourite pastime
Reading Pulp Fiction

Teaching meerpups

What makes her smile
Cute animals

Bogdan is a mischievous little Meerpup who is currently receive teachings at Meerkovo Primary School.

Bogdan very smart pup but he is prefer show off and climb trees. He is always get into troubles, and is all-time record holder for longest wearing of School’s dunce hat!

When not being made sit on naughty step, Bogdan like play football, burrow sleigh race and dig for grubs. At night he dream of lift GP trophy just like his hero - racing driver Furnando Alonso.


Squeaking loudest

Favourite games
Climbing & jumping

Meerkat heroes
Superkat & Spiderkat

Vassily once was big success musickat and play in band ‘Motley Claw’. Unfortunate rest of band kick him out for play too many balalaika solos half-way through songs.

These days Vassily run local record store in Meerkovo. He is officially retire from rocking out, but you can occasionally catch him play impromptu gig after a few Meerbeers. It is rumour he is work on new EP in the secret.

These days Vassily like nothing better than riding loud motorbike and telling how he greatest balalaika player ever living. You mostly find him prop up bar in the Queasy Mongoose.


Meerbrew & Beetle Juice

Favourite festival

Yakov is a gentle and kind soul who has run toy shop for many years, and is start get a little long in the claw. When it comes to old ages he even give Sergei a run for his Rubles.

Claim for fame is that he invent very first pogo stick while just a young whiskersnapper. Don’t be fool by his shy exterior, he is often seen with a young ladykat on his arm.

Yakov is like unwind with silent movie films and pickled onions crisp. At the weekend he is love to go salsa dancing.

Toyshop Owner

Salsa dancing

Favourite snack
Pickled onion crisps