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Giffgaff deals

Giffgaff is a no-frills mobile phone network that likes to keep things simple. Its low-cost SIM-only deals give you the flexibility to keep your phone or buy a new one without being tied into a lengthy contract. Check out our handy guide to giffgaff phone deals.

What is giffgaff?

Giffgaff is a bit different to most mobile phone providers and can be best summed up by its tagline, ‘The mobile network run by you’. It doesn’t have a customer service call centre. Instead, it relies on its online community whose members offer each other support and assistance round the clock.

Giffgaff is a virtual network that uses the O2 phone masts, so customers benefit from the same coverage and speeds that the ‘big four’ providers offer nationwide.

Thanks to its low overheads, giffgaff is able to offer some of the cheapest SIM-only and handset deals around. Rather than selling traditional phone contracts, it offers flexible SIM-only deals that work on a monthly rolling basis. It calls these ‘goodybags’, although they don’t actually come in a bag…

Frequently asked questions

How to compare giffgaff SIM-only deals

Comparing giffgaff SIM deals is a piece of cake. Our mobile phone comparison service lets you shop by network to compare SIM-only deals. You can filter your results to see the ones that suit your needs. When you’re comparing, think about what’s most important to you, for example:

  • Data allowance – think about how much mobile data you use. If you only use your phone to browse the web and WhatsApp your friends, a small allowance of less than 6GB (gigabytes) will usually be enough. If, on the other hand, you use your phone to stream on the go or to download large files, you may need at least 10GB per month. With giffgaff, you can always change your plan after a month if you find you have too much, or too little, data allowance. Also, you can start a new goodybag early, depending on how much data and minutes you have remaining in your current goodybag.
  • Price – you’ll be able to see giffgaff phone deals ranked in order of cost from low to high. If you’re watching the pennies, you can choose a maximum price limit you want to pay each month by using the cost details filter at the left-hand side of the screen.
  • SIM size – make sure you get the right size SIM card for your phone. It shouldn’t be a problem with giffgaff as its triple SIM is designed to fit any phone, whether you need a standard, micro or nano SIM.

Simply click on the deal you prefer, and we’ll take you straight to giffgaff’s website so you can sign up for your free SIM.

Is a giffgaff SIM deal cheaper than a phone contract?

Typically, you’ll tend to find it’s cheaper in the long run to buy a phone outright and combine it with a SIM-only deal. You won’t be locked into a long-term plan with giffgaff, so if you find you don’t need as much data allowance as you initially selected, there is flexibility to change it.

That said, longer contracts do have their advantages, for example lower upfront costs, a brand new phone every couple of years and free screen replacements, so it’s always worth shopping around to see what other networks can offer.

Can I keep my old phone number if I switch to giffgaff?

Yes, you can. After you’ve activated your SIM, you’ll receive a link to transfer your number over. You’ll just need to text your current provider to get your PAC (porting authorisation code) from them so your number can be transferred.