Van insurance

We know that your van is an extremely important to you – either for business or in your home life. So we appreciate the importance of finding the right van insurance to make sure it’s protected. To help you with this we've put together a guide to help you find the right insurance cover.


As you'll see we cover most van manufacturers. We can also help you search for different levels of cover, from third party to fully comprehensive – with just a few clicks, we could help save you money today.

Van for business

If your van is for business use, you'll need to state that within your quote to make sure your business doesn’t lose out if the van gets damaged or stolen as the policy could be invalidated if its true purpose isn’t declared.

It goes without saying, we'll make sure you get the best deals available for business use too – some providers don't even charge extra to add business use to a policy. Just make sure you let us know that you need it by opting for 'business use' when you're doing your online search.

Compare van insurance

So, you're ready to compare van insurance? There's a few things you'll need to hand, as well as your van's registration number. These include:


A bit of information about the van:

  • Details about your van, any modifications it's had, security features
  • Roughly how much the van is worth
  • How the van will be used – this is where you'll tell us if you use it for business
  • Where you store/park the van overnight


Information about the drivers:

  • Your personal details such as name, address, date of birth.
  • Information about your driving licence including any endorsements and penalty points you have gained over the last 5 years
  • Details of any accidents you've had over the last five years
  • Details of other drivers you want to insure on the van
  • Details of how you would prefer to be contacted


Information about the cover you need:

  • What sort of insurance cover you need (i.e. third party, third party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive)
  • When do you want the cover to start


Once we have this information we can get on with searching for you. We'll look at a whole range of providers to help ensure you get the right cheap van insurance deal for you.

So start comparing van insurance today!