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Compare cheap van breakdown cover

Get back on the road with van breakdown cover.

Looking for Rewards?* Breakdown cover is not a qualifying product; however, compare prices now and find cover for you.

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What is van breakdown cover?

Van breakdown cover gives you fast roadside assistance if your vehicle fails unexpectedly. A mobile mechanic will be sent to fix your van and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. If your van can’t be fixed at the roadside, you’ll usually be towed to a nearby garage for repairs.

Compare the Market doesn’t currently compare breakdown cover for commercial or business vans. However, we can compare quotes for commuting and private use.

Why do I need van cover for breakdowns?

Van breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement, but it offers you reassurance that you’ve got someone to call on if something goes wrong with your van. This could be anything from a tyre blow-out to an electrical fault.

Being left stranded without transport isn’t much fun. It’s especially inconvenient if you have your dog in the back or you’re packed up with boxes. And it’s not just a hassle, it might end up costing you a lot of money in towing fees and repairs.

Fortunately, it’s simple to compare quotes online and insure your van against breakdowns in a few clicks.

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How to get cheap van breakdown insurance

To get van breakdown cover, you should:

  • Decide who/what to insure – do you want to cover yourself, your vehicle or multiple vehicles?

  • Choose a level of cover – roadside assistance typically offers the most basic protection, but you may want nationwide or even international cover.

  • Shop around – compare deals from a range of van breakdown providers.

  • Consider exclusions – be sure to understand what’s not covered by the policy and any limits before you buy.

Should you cover yourself or your vehicle?

When you’re buying van breakdown cover, you can choose to cover either yourself as a driver or the van itself.

Personal cover

This option covers a named individual for any van. You’ll be covered whether you’re the driver or a passenger in any vehicle that meets the policy conditions. This type of cover can be useful if you drive multiple vans.

Vehicle cover

If you choose to cover the van, it means that the vehicle itself is protected, regardless of who’s driving it. This type of breakdown cover is most useful if you only drive one van, or if several people in your household drive the same van.

What are the levels of van breakdown cover?

Van breakdown cover offers a range of cover levels, from basic roadside assistance to onward journey cover that gets you to your destination. When weighing up your options, think about how far you travel and how often you use your van.

Roadside assistance

This is the most basic level of van breakdown cover, where a van recovery engineer will try to repair your vehicle at the roadside. If that’s not possible, you’ll usually get a tow to the nearest garage or to your home.

National coverage

As well as roadside repairs, this cover gets you and your van to any destination in the UK.

European breakdown cover

Extends your cover to the rest of Europe. Some insurance providers may include or exclude certain countries from their European breakdown cover, so check the policy details before setting off on your trip.

Home start

If your van won’t start before you’ve even left the driveway, or it breaks down very close to home, a van recovery service can be arranged. The distance from your home varies by provider but is typically within quarter of a mile.

Onward journey cover

At this level, you’ll be insured for the cost of continuing your journey after a breakdown if your van can’t be fixed at the roadside. This could include staying in a hotel for the night or hiring another vehicle while your van is being repaired.

Always check your policy details carefully to understand exactly what you’re covered for.

How do I compare van breakdown cover?

Comparing breakdown policies with Compare the Market is quick and easy – you can get a quote in just 3 minutes[1].

Simply give us a few details about your van, including the registration, then choose which level of cover and features you’d like.

We’ll do a search based on your preferences and show you a list of quotes, starting with the cheapest first. We’ll also show you an at-a-glance guide to the main benefits of each, including any cashback or discounts. Once you’ve chosen the most suitable breakdown cover for you, just follow the link to the provider’s website to get your deal.

[1] Correct as of June 2023.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my van can’t be fixed at the roadside?

If the breakdown issue affecting your van can’t be fixed at the roadside, your provider will usually arrange to tow you and your vehicle to the nearest garage.

If you have onward journey cover included in your policy, this will allow you to continue travelling with a replacement vehicle while yours is sent for repairs. Onward journey is a specific level of cover, so make sure you have this if it’s something you think you’ll need.

How do I know I need van breakdown rather than car breakdown cover?

Look at your log book and find the section on vehicle category or vehicle type approval. This will give you a letter and a number.

If it is M1 it's a car. If it is N1 or N2 it's a van. If you have any doubts or questions, double-check with the breakdown provider.

How many times can I call out my provider’s van recovery service?

This can vary between providers. Some offer unlimited callouts whereas others place a limit. And it’s unlikely you’ll be covered for repeat callouts for a recurring issue.

Look out for any limits when comparing van breakdown cover between multiple providers, and make sure you get the cover you need.

Author image Julie Daniels

What our expert says...

“Whether you’re going on a trip to the supermarket or taking the family on a camping trip, it wouldn’t be much fun if your van broke down. Van breakdown cover can keep you on the road, but before you get a quote, make sure you don’t already have van breakdown insurance elsewhere (for example, as part of your car insurance or within a packaged bank account).”

- Julie Daniels, Motor insurance expert

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