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Comparing van breakdown cover

While we like to think we never will, breaking down can happen to anyone. It can often seem to be at the worst opportunity, too, particularly if you’ve got a lot of stuff in the back. To protect you as best as possible, van breakdown cover is an important form of insurance to consider. Not only may it save you money in the long run, with towing fees and repairs quickly adding up, it can also get your van back on the road sooner.

Compare the Market don’t currently compare breakdown cover for commercial or business vans. However, we can compare quotes for commuting and private use.


Why do I need van breakdown cover?

Aside from missed deliveries, lost work opportunities and getting behind on your schedule, van breakdowns come with all the same problems as a car or motorbike breakdown. It leaves you stranded without transport and you’ve got to find a way to get yourself on the move or your vehicle home.
Fortunately, it’s simple to compare quotes online and insure your van against breakdowns in a few clicks.

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Please make sure you don't already have breakdown cover elsewhere (e.g. as part of your car insurance or within a packaged bank account).

How to get great-value van breakdown cover

To get great-value van breakdown cover, you should:

  • Decide who/what to insure - Do you want to cover yourself, your vehicle or multiple vehicles?
  • Choose a level of cover – Roadside assistance typically offers the most basic protection, but you may want a nationwide, or even international form of cover
  • Shop around - Compare deals from a range of van breakdown providers
  • Consider exclusions - Be sure to understand any policy limitations before buying a policy. 

Should you cover yourself or your vehicle? 

Whichever type of cover you choose, you’ll have the option to cover yourself (personal cover) or your vehicle. Some policies also offer multiple vehicle cover, which could include a combination of cars, vans and motorbikes at the same address.  

To help you select your options, look at our table below:

Where do you want cover for? 

What do you want to cover? 

What type of cover do you want? 



Roadside assistance 


Your family 

Nationwide recovery 

A vehicle 

Onward travel 

Home start 


More than one vehicle 

European cover 


What are the options?

Van breakdown cover offers a range of cover levels, from basic roadside assistance to onward journey cover that gets you to your destination. When weighing up your options, think about how far you travel and how often you use your van.

1. Roadside assistance: If you work and travel locally, a recovery vehicle will try to repair your van at the roadside. If that’s not possible, you’ll usually get a tow to the nearest garage or to your home. Check your policy to understand exactly what’s covered. 

2. National coverage: As well as roadside repairs, this cover gets you and your van to any destination in the UK. This is ideal for a lifestyle which takes you further afield on a regular basis. 

3. European breakdown cover: Extends your cover to the rest of Europe. Some insurance providers may include or exclude certain countries from their European cover, so check the policy details before setting off on your trip. 

4. Home start: If your van won’t start before you’ve even left the driveway, or it breaks down close to home, a recovery can be arranged. The distance from your home, where this applies, varies by provider.  

5. Onward journey cover: At this level, you will be insured for the cost of continuing your journey after a break down. This could include staying in a hotel for the night while your van is being fixed, or hiring a van while yours is being repaired.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I don’t have breakdown cover?

If you don’t have breakdown cover, and things go wrong, you might need to call around to find a willing friend or local garage to collect you. This could involve paying the garage a fee and you might have to find alternative transport to continue your journey. 

What happens if my van can't be fixed at the roadside?

If the breakdown issue affecting your van to breakdown can’t be fixed at the roadside, onward journey cover will allow you to continue travelling with a replacement vehicle, while yours is sent for repairs. Onward journey is a specific level of cover, so make sure that you include this in your policy, if you’re worried about how this could affect you.

How do I know I need van breakdown rather than a car?

Look in your log book and find the section on vehicle category or vehicle type approval, this will give you a letter and a number. If it is M1 it's a car. If it is N1 or N2 it's a van. If you have any doubts or questions double-check with the breakdown provider.

Will any driver be covered?

When getting van breakdown cover, you can choose to cover either yourself as a driver or the van. If you choose to cover the van, any driver will be covered.

Am I covered if I breakdown in another van?

If you drive multiple vans, you may want to look at getting personal breakdown cover, rather than insuring the van specifically. This will allow you to jump between different vans and maintain the same level of cover. Another option, if you know that the other vans you’re driving are covered specifically for the van and not a specific driver, then you should be covered there too.

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to check your policy wording or contact your insurance provider for confirmation.

How many times can I call out?

This can vary between providers, so it’s hard to say. Some providers offer unlimited callouts, which means you won’t need to worry at all, whereas others may place a limit. Look out for any limits when comparing van breakdown cover between multiple providers, and make sure you get the cover that you need.

What policy limitations should I look out for?

Policy limitations and exclusions apply to all types of cover, and they vary by provider. If your van’s a big one, check whether vehicles over a certain height and weight are covered. Most providers will help change a wheel and help you with misfuelling issues, but check to see if it is included or excluded. If you use your van for towing a trailer, then check that is covered too.

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When you’ve chosen the most suitable breakdown cover for you, just follow the link to the provider’s website to get your deal. 

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