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Lost car key insurance

Lost car key insurance

Losing your car keys can be a massive hassle. And with modern car keys involving microchips, programming and coding, it can also be expensive.

It’s no surprise then, that some insurance providers now include key cover in their car insurance policies or offer it as an optional extra.

Daniel Hutson
From the Motor team
minute read
posted 6 NOVEMBER 2019

What does car key cover include?

Key cover typically covers the cost of replacing and reprogramming your car keys if they are lost or stolen. It can also cover the cost of replacing the locks and immobiliser, which you’ll need to do if you suspect your keys have been stolen.  

Replacing lost car keys is an expensive business. According to the RAC, around 16 million drivers regularly misplace their keys. The overall cost of replacing car keys across the UK is a staggering £180 million. 

Average replacement costs range between £300 to £500, so having valid insurance cover could prove very useful.

Does lost key cover come as standard?

Some insurance providers will include loss of keys in their base policy, but many car insurance providers will provide it as an optional extra. Just be aware that you may need to pay an agreed excess.

Depending on the individual policy, some insurance providers may even:

  • organise a taxi so you can retrieve your spare set of keys
  • provide a courtesy car until a new set is created – sometimes for up to 10 days – if you don’t have a spare

What should I do if I do lose my car keys?

Don’t panic. Call your insurance provider who will be able to advise you what to do next.

If you don’t have key cover, or decide not to make a claim, you’ll need to contact an auto locksmith. You’ll need proof that the car belongs to you, so make sure you have your driving licence and vehicle registration documents to hand.

Alternatively, if you have breakdown cover, you may want to call for assistance.

How can I find out which insurance providers offer lost car key cover?

We’re here to help you compare your options. Use our car insurance comparison to see which policies offer key cover.

When you visit our quotes page, simply click the ‘more details’ button next to each policy to see if key cover is included as standard, or whether you need to add it as an extra.

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