If you’re in the business of changing rooms and making peoples’ interiors dreams come true, then you know you’ve got a lot riding on the end result. But sometimes, with all that pressure on you, it can be easy to forget to cover yourself for any little mishaps that might occur. And when you’re working with paint, ladders and drills, those ‘little mishaps’ could end up costing a lot more than you bargained for – so how can you protect yourself?

As a painter and decorator, do I need insurance?

If you employ other people in your painting and decorating business, then you’ll need Employers’ liability insurance by law, even if you only employ one person and they work part time –find out more about it from our Employers’ liability page. Otherwise, whether you need business insurance is down to the type of business you have, the types of services you offer and how much protection you want. 

Painters and decorators insurance

Business insurance for painters and decorators

Most insurance providers will offer you different types of cover within a package of ‘business insurance’. One type that’s really worth considering is public liability insurance. This can cover you for legal costs and compensation, if a member of the public decides to make a claim against you for injury or damage to their property. You might think this sounds a little dramatic, but all it takes is spilt paint over an expensive painting or laptop for a claim to be made. Accidents can and do happen so the best you can do, is be prepared.

The amount of money that you can be covered for under Public liability insurance varies – usually between £1 million and £5 million. But you can get cover for up to £10 million which is handy if you’re working in fancy homes or on a big and complex project. It sounds a lot but legal costs can rack up, so it’s probably best to consider what you can afford.

Public liability insurance can also demonstrate to clients that they’re in safe hands and it can offer peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, then costs could be recouped.

What else should I consider with business insurance?

You should also make sure your tools and even any stock materials such as paint, wallpaper liner and paste are adequately covered by your painters and decorators’ insurance. Equipment that you’ve built up over years can be stolen or damaged so make sure you don’t lose the tools of your trade and check you’ve got enough cover to buy replacements.

Of course, if you drive a van then you’ll also need motor insurance by law. The rules for commercial van insurance are pretty much the same for private car cover, so third party cover is the minimum that you can opt for.

But, much like private car insurance, it’s worth looking at all the cover options. Remember that when it comes to insurance, cheap isn’t always best as it might not offer enough protection for you. Or for added protection you might want to consider commercial vehicle insurance which could provide protection for your equipment and carriage of goods.

Do I need to cover myself?

It’s also worth asking yourself – what would happen if you were out of action because of illness or injury? If you’re lucky enough to have a vast network of family and friends who can help out then good for you, but could that arrangement go on indefinitely? As difficult as it is to think about, it’s important to consider worst case scenarios if you are self-employed and ensuring that you’ve got some sort of income protection or critical illness cover.

How do I compare painter and decorator insurance?

We know insurance isn’t the most exciting thing to think about) but searching with us is quick, pain free and straightforward. Just tell us what business you’re in, answer a few questions and we’ll take it from there. So use our business insurance comparison service today and find the right policy for you.

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