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Plasterers public liability insurance

Plasterers insurance

Public liability insurance, and other types of business insurance, can be essential if you're a self-employed plasterer or if you run a small business. We take a look at what you might need.

Frequently asked questions

What insurance do you need if you're a plasterer?

As a self-employed plasterer or small business owner, insurance can help protect you against financial loss if things go wrong on a job.

According to the Labour Force Surveys for 2014/15-2016/17, 4.1% of skilled construction and building trades workers are injured each year – more than twice the average rate across all industries. So it makes sense to protect yourself and your plastering business with the right insurance cover.

Plasterers’ insurance can include various types of cover, such as public liability insurance and employers' liability insurance, as part of a business insurance package.

What is plasterers public liability insurance?

Any profession where you're going into people's houses and making changes exposes you to risk. If something goes wrong you could be held accountable. The houses you work in aren't just houses to the people that live in them, they're homes – and may be full of valuable or precious items.

Public liability insurance is designed to protect you financially against claims for injury or damage made against you. For example, if a customer is injured due to a collapsing wall, or possessions in their home are damaged by you or your team, they might make a compensation claim of thousands of pounds.

This type of cover is not a legal requirement but could help protect you against the costs of compensation and legal bills.

What is employers' liability insurance for plasterers?

Employers' liability insurance covers you if someone gets injured or becomes ill through the work they’ve been doing for you. It’s a legal requirement you have this type of insurance if you have any employees – even one – and you can face a fine of up to £2,500 for every day you don’t have cover when you should.

As well as on-site accidents, if an employee claims they have suffered ill heath as a result of a work-related issue, employers' liability insurance is there to cover you. According to the Labour Force Survey, 80,000 UK employees suffer from work-related ill health each year, so it's not an issue any employer can afford to ignore.

What is contract works insurance for plasterers?

Imagine you’re plastering an extension to a house, and mid-way through the job the house is gutted by an accidental fire.

A contract works policy will insure the new walls, as well as any materials and fittings, in case work has to be started again due to events such as fire, flood, storm or malicious damage. Without it, you could have done weeks' worth of work for which you’ll not get paid.

What about insuring my van and tools?

Your plastering tools are essential for your work. Business tools insurance can cover them against loss or damage. And if you use your van to transport your tools, then it's worth making sure your commercial van insurance has an add on that covers your tools against accidental damage or theft

What about insuring myself if I’m self-employed?

There are a range of options designed to protect your income or business if something happened to you that are worth considering if you're a self-employed plasterer:

How do I get a quote for plasterers’ insurance?

The good news is that getting a plasterers insurance quote couldn't be easier. All you need to do is tell us a bit about yourself and your business. Then we'll sift through the available policies to find the best deals for you. 

Other business insurance that plasterers may be interested in…

Public liability insurance

Get cover against claims if someone is injured or property damaged as a result or your work.

Employers’ liability insurance

You are legally required to have this insurance even if you employ just one person.

Business interruption insurance

Insurance to help compensate you for loss of profits if your business is unable to operate for a period for some unexpected reason.

Business life insurance

Insurance designed to help your business carry on if something happens to you or the key people in your business.

Van insurance

A guide to LGV insurance for business.

Commercial property insurance

Protect your business premises.

Business contents insurance

Protect your business equipment.
Home office insurance

The insurance you need when you run your business from your home.

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