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Insurance for roofers

Let's compare public liability insurance

Let's compare public liability insurance

Let's compare public liability insurance

Let's compare public liability insurance

Let's compare public liability insurance

Roofers insurance

If you're a roofer, there are a number of different insurance policies you should have in place. But what are they? Here’s what you need to know.

Frequently asked questions

What insurance do roofers need?

As a roofer, there are several insurance policies you should be looking at. These include public liability insurance and employers’ liability cover, plus tool insurance and contract works insurance.

What is public liability cover for roofers?

Public liability insurance is your protection if a member of the public gets injured as a result of your work. So if they trip over your equipment, or a tile comes loose and hits them or damages their property, you’ll be covered for the cost of legal fees, as well as any compensation that might be due. Hopefully you’ll never have to claim on it, but having it in place will give you definite peace of mind.

What is employers’ liability cover for roofers?

Employers’ liability insurance can protect you if one of your employees becomes ill or injured as a result of their work. If you employ anyone outside of your immediate family, you’ll need employers’ liability insurance in place – that’s the law. 

And once you’ve got the policy in place, you’ll need to make sure you're up to date with health and safety regulations. Otherwise you may find you’re not covered. 

Do roofers need tool insurance?

As a roofer, tool insurance could be particularly useful as you’re likely to work offsite. Tool insurance can cover you for the loss, damage or theft of your tools and equipment, and It’s easy to forget just how much these are worth, but if you had to replace them all at once you could find yourself seriously out of pocket. Not only that, but without your tools you can’t work – so having insurance in place so you can replace them quickly is vital.

What is contract works insurance?

Contract works insurance can cover works in progress against fire, flood, storms, malicious damage and theft. It’s useful to have in place if you take on big projects.  

So let’s say you’ve been working on a major extension project and a storm damages the roof. You could be expected to do all the work again, for no extra pay. Contract works insurance will cover your time, as well as any materials and fittings. 


How can I find roofer insurance?

As a business owner, you've got better ways to spend your time than sorting out insurance. But organising cover needn’t be complicated and time consuming. We’re here to take the hard work out of comparing roofer insurance. 

We’ll ask you some simple questions about your business, such as what tools you own and how many people you employ, so we can get you tailor-made quotes. 

Whether you’re a one-man band or a big firm, we have insurance providers that can provide your cover.

Try it today. Compare a range of roofer insurance quotes to find the right policy for you. 

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