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Do I need special insurance for my business car or van?

Do you use your car for work? You might not be covered!


Standard car insurance might not even cover your commute. Make sure you know what is and isn’t included in your vehicle insurance, and whether you need more.


Some of us have never given any thought to getting business car insurance. We think: I’m insured, and it’s my car, so I’m covered.


Unfortunately your basic car insurance probably doesn’t cover any use of your vehicle for work purposes, and thousands of motorists have discovered that they weren’t protected at all.

What Does Business Car Insurance Cover?

Business car insurance is another term for commercial car insurance.

This is where a car is owned by a business or in a fleet policy. Private car insurance is where the car is owned by an individual. If you have private car insurance your policy should explain all the details of your cover.

You can select different levels of business use as part of your private policy. For example this could cover any driving you do as part of your job – even if you drive your own car, and if you’re self-employed.

Let’s break car insurance down into its different types, and see what each actually covers.

Some Different Levels of Car Insurance Cover 

Social, Domestic and Pleasure Cover

It covers only day-to-day activities like pleasure driving, visiting friends and family, taking the kids to and from school or events, doing the shopping and running errands.

Commuting Cover

Social, domestic, pleasure plus commuting cover is one of the most popular levels of insurance cover. Commuting cover is another level of cover which insures you for social, domestic and pleasure plus any driving you do to a single, permanent place of work. However, if you work in several different locations or have to travel to different worksites or to meet with clients you may not  be covered, even with commuting added on.

Class 1 Business Use Cover (‘only you’ on our website)

Class 1 cover includes driving between different worksites or occasionally travelling to meet clients. Class 1 does not cover making deliveries or door-to-door sales, though.  Your spouse may also be covered, depending on your policy.

Class 2 Business Use Cover (‘you and your spouse’ on our website)

Class 2 usually covers the policy holder and another named driver, even if they are not a spouse. It typically covers the same types of activities as Class 1.

Class 3 Business Use Cover (‘any named driver’ on our website)

Class 3 is great for salesmen doing a lot of travel or those with similar job duties. It covers delivering samples, but not actual commercial merchandise. 

So Do I Need It?

If you drive to work even just a few times a week, you probably do need at least commuting cover. 

If you’re doing anything more business-oriented than that, you definitely need business use car insurance. It will probably cost you more every year, but not having it means that you are driving without valid insurance.

It’s not just a bad idea, it’s illegal, so start a quote, telling us a bit about you, your car and what level of cover you’ll need. Our online comparison service will do all the leg work for you and provide you with a range of competitive quotes that suit your needs.

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