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Compare business car insurance

Compare business car insurance

If you use your car for work, standard car insurance might not provide enough cover. Read our guide and find out if you need business car insurance.

Daniel Hutson
From the Motor team
minute read
posted 30 OCTOBER 2019

What is business car insurance?

Business car insurance is a type of car insurance that covers you if you use your car for work-related purposes, other than commuting. It's often more expensive than standard car insurance because if you use your car for business purposes you're seen as more of a risk to insurance providers. You often cover more miles, at busier times and on unfamiliar roads, meaning you're more likely to make a claim.

What does business car insurance cover you for?

Business car insurance can cover you if you use your car to:

  • Travel between different sites or offices
  • Visit clients on a regular basis
  • Drive other employees around on business duties
  • Visit customers, for example to deliver samples
  • Drive to the bank for work reasons

What classes of business car insurance are there?

Business car insurance falls into three classes – all three also cover social, domestic and pleasure use.

  • class 1 – this covers you for driving between multiple places of work or occasional travel to meet clients. Class 1 insurance would typically include a care worker who drives to visit patients. It wouldn't cover you for deliveries or door-to-door sales. It may also cover your spouse – check your policy to be sure.
  • class 2 – this offers the same cover as class 1 but includes a named driver. Most insurance providers stipulate that the policy holder and named driver must work for the same business. As with class 1, deliveries and door-to-door selling aren't covered.
  • class 3 – this is for you if you rack up lots of miles as part of your job – if you're a salesman, for example. It covers delivering samples, but not commercial merchandise. This is the most expensive insurance class as high-mileage drivers are considered at greater risk of an accident and making a claim. But be aware that class 3 won't cover you if you use your car as a taxi or to make deliveries.

How can I reduce the cost of my business car insurance?

There are a few ways you may be able to reduce the cost of your business car insurance:

  • see if increasing your voluntary excess reduces your premium – although always keep it at a level you can afford if you have to make a claim
  • you might also want to see if upping your car's security affects your premium price.
  • if your business has three or more cars, it might be eligible for fleet insurance. This is often the cheapest way to insure a group of cars and drivers
  • paying your premium upfront is usually cheaper than paying it in instalments
  • shop around – if you take your time and let us help, you're sure to find yourself good-value business car insurance. But make sure it offers the cover you need.

How do I find business car insurance?

Finding business car insurance couldn't be easier. Simply start a quote, telling us a bit about yourself and your car, and the level of cover you need.

Our online comparison service will do all the hard work for you and provide you with a range of competitive quotes that suit your needs.

Once you have your quote, you can look at where you can make savings on your car insurance. The great thing about our comparison service is that it's easy to try different options to see how they affect your quote.

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