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The classes of use of car insurance and how they might affect your premium

In car insurance, ‘class of use’ means what do you intend to use your car for?

When you’re taking out a new policy you’ll be asked which class of use you want to insure your car for.

What are the choices?

Typically, there are three choices when selecting a class of use:

1) Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SDP)

SDP includes using your car for everyday social driving. visiting friends, dropping off the kids at school, doing the weekly shop, all of these are covered under SDP.

Importantly SDP does NOT cover you for journeys to work. Even if the majority of your journey is by train, it doesn’t cover you for trips to and from the station.

2) Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting (SDP+C)

You’ll probably not be surprised to hear, given the title, that SDP+C class coverage means that you’re insured for everything included in SDP plus your journey to and from work.

Be careful if you travel to a number of different offices around the country by car. Typically, only one place of work is covered under this type of cover. If you travel to a number of places you may well require the next level of cover.

3) Personal Business use (SDPC + Business Use)

This third class of cover includes everything in the first two, plus your business related driving. This could for example include travel to a company’s network of offices as well as to suppliers or customers.

Sometimes some insurance providers will ask for more details. This is in order for them to assess the amount of driving that you’ll actually be doing. From that they can work out the risk and your premium.

Please note that this class of cover doesn’t cover you for making business deliveries of any kind. You’re likely to need commercial cover if you’re carrying out this sort of thing.

Why is it important?

When an insurance providers is setting your premium, they’re assessing your risk of being involved in an accident. Commuting to work for example, could involve you being on the roads at the busiest times and as result you’re exposed to more risk than if you are driving for purely social reasons.

Similarly, if you’re up and down motorways visiting a number of different offices you’re likely to be exposed to greater risk.

classes of use for car insurance

What does it mean to premiums?

For an insurance provider, the greater the risk, the higher the premium that they will charge. For this reason, using your car to commute or for other business purposes is going to put your car insurance up.

car and money

Do I need to be honest?

As you might think that Social, Domestic and Pleasure has the cheapest premiums, it might be tempting to leave out the commuting to work bit. Don’t be tempted. In the eyes of the law to do so would be to drive without valid insurance with all the penalties that that brings with it. And you could be surprised by the price of other variants.

The car insurance market is a very competitive place. This means that it is always worthwhile comparing prices. Doing so couldn’t be easier. Enter your details along with those of the car and we’ll do the rest for you. Simples.

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