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Overnight Parking - The Impact on Car Insurance

Car insurance premiums seem to be constantly on the rise. Addressing some of the finer points of your policy could potentially reduce your cheap car insurance premium when it comes to looking for your next policy.  Insurance companies need to evaluate a multitude of scenarios in order to assess your level of risk before providing you with a quote and issuing you with cover.

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Car Insurance Impact

Where you decide to park your car overnight can sometimes have a bearing on the cost of your premium. Leaving your car parked on the street overnight would expose it to a higher risk of theft or vandalism as opposed to if it was parked in more secure area.

overnight parking car insurance impact

How could overnight parking help me save money on my car insurance?

Some insurers will think where you park your car at night can determine the risk of it being stolen or damaged, a more secure parking area could lower the risk from an insurers prospective. Parking your car on the street overnight typically represents a higher risk than parking it in a car port or even the driveway of your home.

A locked garage is one of the most optimal overnight parking security solutions as this could significantly reduce the risk of the vehicle being stolen or damaged.

Whilst not all drivers have these options, you may also be able to reflect improved security by parking your car in a private or patrolled area. Whilst this isn’t ideal as opposed to in your secured car port, it is better than leaving your car on the street.

classic car parked in a car park overnight

Do I need to park in the same place every night?

Whilst indicating your regular parking habit to your insurance provider, this doesn’t mean you are bound to park in the same place every time your car is left unattended. There are bound to be times when you may be staying with friends, relatives, or even at a hotel out of town. These are all acceptable and would not impact on your cover.

Should you change your regular parking habit however or perhaps no longer have the parking facility that you detailed to your insurer, you should immediately notify them and update your policy.

Does the street have an impact on the risk factor?

The street in which your vehicle is parked overnight could also have an impact on your premium, as some pose a higher risk of theft or vandalism than others. Many inner city suburbs tend to fall into this category.

Insurance companies could assess this element based on their data on your streets postcode such as the claim or crime rate.

What can I do to reduce my overnight parking risk?

Securing your car in the most efficient manner of parking at night as we discussed above could be beneficial. If you park your car overnight in a garage or driveway, you might want to think about installing extra home security, such as motion activated spot lights which won’t affect your premium but will add extra security.

When left with no other option but to park on the street try to look for an area that provides good overhead street lighting, as this can help to deter car thieves.

Always ensure that the keys are not left hanging by the door or just thrown onto the table, as a break-in of your house could provide burglars with easy access to your garage.

Overnight parking is just one of many elements that could contribute to your car insurance premium.

You can potentially make huge savings on your car insurance by exploring the marketplace and opening yourself up to offers from insurers you had perhaps not considered beforehand. You can obtain quotes from over one hundred leading car insurance providers simply by using our car insurance comparison service. We’ll help you find the deal that’s right for you.

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