How Much Does It Cost to Learn to Drive?

Factor in the price of lessons, car insurance and the driving test itself and the cost of learning to drive can be hefty. These are the numbers you need to know… 

Factor in the price of lessons, car insurance and the driving test itself and the cost of learning to drive can be hefty. These are the numbers you need to know… 

Daniel Hutson
Head of Motor Insurance
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Posted 20 SEPTEMBER 2021

How much does the provisional driving licence cost? 

A UK provisional driving licence, which will allow you to start learning to drive, costs £34. 

How much are driving lessons?

The cost of driving lessons varies depending on the instructor. The average price tag for 45 lessons, which is, typically, the number of lessons needed to pass, will set you back around £1,350. Individual lessons can cost around £30 per hour

What is the average hours of driving lessons to pass? 

There isn’t a minimum requirement for the number of lessons you need to take before taking your driving test, but the average recommendation is around 45 hours of driving lessons. 

How much is the driving theory test? 

The driving theory test costs £23. You’ll need to pass your theory test before you can take the practical driving test. 

How much does the practical driving test cost? 

The practical driving test costs £62 for weekday tests, while evening, weekend and bank holiday practical tests cost £75. 

Do I need car insurance when learning to drive? 

Learner driver car insurance is essential if you're learning to drive. The good news is that if you're taking lessons with a professional driving school, the cost of insurance is usually included in the lesson price. Be sure to double-check, though. If you'll be learning in a friend's car or in your parents' vehicle, you'll need to sort out learner driver insurance.

What is the cheapest way to learn to drive? 

There are a few things you can do to lower the cost of learning to drive: 

  • Shop around for driving lessons – go online and compare quotes from driving instructors 
  • Book driving lessons in bulk – you’ll normally get a discount for booking multiple lessons 
  • Book two-hour lessons – booking a two-hour lesson is usually cheaper than booking two one-hour lessons 
  • Extra free practice – if you’re insured on their car, get some extra practice in with a friend or family member for free 
  • Increase your voluntary excess – if you’re willing to pay more in excess if forced to make a claim, this usually brings the cost of your learner insurance down 
  • Extra security - in the form of an immobiliser or an alarm system, could also help keep costs manageable. 
  • Shop around and compare car insurance quotes - let Compare the Market do it for you and we’ll gather quotes from more than 100 different insurance providers/products in the UK, in just a few minutes

Total cost of learning to drive 

With everything we’ve laid out, you can see it costs around £2,000 to learn to drive: 

Provisional driving licence  £34 
Learner driver insurance (average for one year)  £532** 
Driving lessons (estimate)  £1,350 
Theory test  £23 
Practical test  £62/£75 
Total  £2,001-£2,014 


**50% of learner drivers between 17-24 years old could achieve a quote of up to £532 for their car insurance based on Compare the Market data in June 2021. 

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