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Compare credit card companies

Not sure which credit card to choose?

Read on to find out what credit cards could be available if you compare today.

List of credit card companies in the UK that we compare

Here's a quick summary of some of the credit card issuers in the UK that we compare. There are well-known high street banks alongside some smaller credit card brands. You can use our credit card eligibility checker to see which cards are likely to accept you before you apply, without affecting your credit card rating.


Barclaycard offers a range of Avios and rewards cards, as well as balance transfer, purchase and credit builder cards. Some cards offer perks for festivals and live events including discounts on tickets or food and drink there.


Santander’s range of cards includes one with no fee on balance transfers for the first 12 months. Its premium card has perks, including access to a range of airport lounges around the globe. Santander Boosts give you cashback, vouchers, entries to prize draws and other personalised offers.

Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank card options include a balance transfer card, a low APR card and a foundation card for first-time cardholders and people wanting to build their credit. Earn points on your spending and get Clubcard vouchers you can spend in Tesco or with Tesco Reward Partners for days out and eating out.

Virgin Atlantic

With Virgin Atlantic's Reward and Reward+ cards, you can earn Virgin Points to put towards flights, companion tickets, upgrades and more. You'll need to spend £20,000 a year on your Reward card or £10,000 a year on your Reward+ card, which has an annual fee to unlock some of the benefits.

Virgin Money

Virgin Money has a mix of standard and specialist cards include cards. There’s also a buy now, pay later card, Virgin Money Slyce. You'll need a smartphone with a recent operating system to manage the card.

Our full list of credit card providers

Correct as of June 2024.

Which types of credit card can I get?

You can choose from rewards cards that give you treats and perks – such as air miles, vouchers or cashback – whenever you use your card to buy something. You need to make sure the rewards you’ll get are worthwhile for you.

Also popular are credit cards that don’t charge interest for balance transfers or new purchases for a set period of time – some cards offer both.

You can also opt for low APR cards that have a consistently low interest rate for the life of the card.

If your credit score isn’t great or you don’t have a credit history and need to build one up, then credit building cards could be the ideal solution.

With so much on offer, we’ve tried to make comparing credit cards easy. You can browse by card type, representative APR or rewards on offer, we show you the key features of each card. So start comparing credit cards today.

Frequently asked questions

Which provider should I choose?

Which provider you choose depends on your needs, how you want to use your card and what is available to you.

Rather than choosing a credit card based on the brand, look at what you want from the card overall. The exception to the rule is when you want a rewards card — the brand here could make a difference.

And a credit card isn't for life. Different credit cards may suit you at different times for different needs. It's a competitive field so there are a lot of credit cards companies to choose from.

Should I get my credit card from my banks or building society

If you have a savings or current account, it can make sense to go for a credit card issued by the same bank or building society. The main advantage is that if you bank online or via a mobile app, you’ll be able to manage your accounts and credit card in one place.

Some providers offer special rates or rewards for their current account customers. But it’s always worth comparing to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Should I get my credit cards from my high-street favourite store or supermarket?

It may depend on whether you use these shops regularly and would find the rewards useful.

These cards often offer rewards. Some are linked to air miles schemes, such as Avios and Virgin’s Flying Club, while others are affiliated with certain stores, including Marks & Spencer and the John Lewis and Waitrose Partnership.

You can also get supermarket-associated cards, such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda. These cards usually reward you with points, which are converted into vouchers or cashback on your shopping.

Who are the best credit card companies in the UK?

There's no one credit card company that's best for everyone. There are advantages and disadvantages for most. For example, a company that specialises in credit builder cards won't be right for a high-flying, high-spending executive, looking for rewards.

Some of the bigger banks have years of experience and large numbers of customers, while some of the newer smaller banks may have innovative ideas and better apps to help you manage your card.

Essentially the best credit card provider is the one that is right for you.

Should I consider credit building cards?

If you've got a poor credit rating or no credit history, a credit building card could work for you. Credit building cards can help you improve your credit rating, providing you make at least the minimum payment on time every month.

Their rates of interest are usually higher and their credit limits lower. This limit may then be increased incrementally. Once you've achieved your goal and improved your rating, you can apply for a new card that better reflects your new credit status.