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Compare Tesco credit cards

You’re probably used to getting your milk and bread at Tesco, but you might not have thought of getting credit cards from Tesco too? However, Tesco offers a load of different credit cards and the benefit is that if you apply for one, and are successful, then you can earn Clubcard points too. This means even more treats – so use your loaf and compare Tesco credits card today.

0% on balance transfers

You can transfer the balance of an existing credit card onto a Tesco card and pay 0% on that amount for a certain period of time. The length of time depends on the card you choose and can range from one month up to 40. Typically, you’ll still have to pay a fee to transfer the balance.

Transfer fees vary from 0.59% to 2.9% of the total amount transferred. This could be a useful option if you’re paying a high rate of interest on a current credit card and want to reduce your monthly repayments. If you think a balance transfer card is the right one for you, then why not browse all our available 0% balance transfer cards and not just those from Tesco.

0% on new purchases

We all like to buy lovely new things, and if you can do that and spread the cost then why not? So if you’ve got some household repairs that can’t be ignored any longer or just need some extra credit, then a card that won’t charge you interest over a set amount of time might be a good thing.

These 0% offers are limited to a certain amount of time, and this varies according to the other features of the card you choose. Tesco cards range from 0% on purchases just for the first month, or for up to 17 months. To see what else is on offer take a look at our 0% new purchase credit cards page.

Of course, being Tesco you can have your cake and eat it and you can also opt for a credit card that gives you both 0% on balance transfers and 0% on new purchases. Tesco offer a number of cards with 0% on balance transfers and new purchases, with different degrees of APR%, with offers lasting from 15 months interest free to 1 month. Just be sure to check if there are any associated balance transfer fees.

Reward cards

The other advantage about a Tesco credit card is that you’ll be rewarded for shopping, not just at Tesco but everywhere else too (but you’ll get more rewards shopping at Tesco – which is great if you do all your food shopping there anyway). You can use the Clubcard rewards instore or exchange them for vouchers for other high street retailers and restaurants that accept them. But Tesco aren’t the only ones who offer rewards – before you put all your eggs in one basket, why not check out what other reward cards are on offer?

Compare Tesco credit cards

Low APR cards

For anyone looking for a card that has low interest without having to worry about what happens when the introductory rate ends, Tesco offers a low APR card. The rate is pretty competitive and you can transfer a balance at 0% interest for the first month – there usually is a fee for doing this; but balance transfers are also interest free in the first month too – compare other low APR cards.

Credit builder cards

Tesco offer the Foundation card if you’re struggling to get credit – either because you’ve never had credit before or because your credit history isn’t so peachy. The lower credit starts from £250. However, it’s reviewed on a regular basis, so if you always stay within your credit limit and always meet your payments on time then you could see your limit increased. If you want to find out who else offers credit builder cards, then start comparing here.

A trolley load of options

While Tesco offer a wide variety of cards, it’s always worth seeing how these compare to others out there and our credit card comparison page makes it easy to do just that.

All Tesco credit card details are based on information provided to comparethemarket.com on 27 October 2016.

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