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Oleg, Sergei & the magic pizza

Looking after Sleepy Oleg can feel like a full time job (just ask Sergei). But after a long day of taking care of mischievous meerpups, Sergei knows he’ll get peace and quiet when he says the magic word: pizza. Help Sergei conjure up the perfect put-your-feet-up pizza in our game or, if you’re a rewards member, order your own slice of chill with 50% off from Papa John’s or Pizza Hut Delivery.
  • Meerkat Meals
    Create your pizza
  • 1 Choose a pizza base
    Choose one of the four
    bases in Sergei’s kitchen
  • 2 Pick the toppings
    Select toppings for
    the pizza
  • 3 Bake, bake, bake
    Make sure the pizza is
    cooked to perfection
  • See your name
    Find out what relaxing
    pizza you created
    Papa John's
    Pizza Hut
    You've created

    Now get 50% off your favourite
    pizza on the Meerkat app

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