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How to find your energy meter numbers (MPAN/MPRN)

How to find your energy meter numbers (MPAN/MPRN)

Energy meter numbers (MPAN/MPRN) are unique numbers that identify the electricity and gas supplies specific to your property.

If you’re not sure what your MPAN or MPRN are, why you need them, or even where you can find them, our guide will tell you what you need to know.

Peter Earl
From the Energy team
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Posted 24 JUNE 2020

What is an energy meter number?

Energy meter numbers are unique numbers that identify your home energy supply.

If you have an electricity and gas supply, you’ll have two unique energy meter numbers:

  • MPAN - stands for Meter Point Administration Number and refers to your electricity. It’s also sometimes known as a ‘supply number’ or ’S number’.
  • MPRN - stands for Meter Point Reference Number and refers to your gas. It’s also sometimes known as an ‘M number’.

Why do I need an energy meter number?

If you're moving into a new home, or switching energy suppliers, you'll need your MPAN/MPRN so your new supplier knows that they're taking over your energy supply, and not someone else's.

Because the numbers are unique to your property, it's an accurate way of identifying your energy supply.

If you move house, you may need to give your supplier the MPAN and MPRN of your old property as well.

Where can I find my electricity MPAN?

Your MPAN is on your electricity or dual fuel bill, usually in a box marked ‘Supply Number’. It’s 21 digits long and begins with ’S’. You’ll only need the last 12 or 13 digits. You won’t find your property’s MPAN on your meter box. 

Don’t confuse it with your customer reference number, which can also be found on the bill.

What if I don’t have an electricity bill?

If you’ve just moved house and don’t have a bill, contact the supplier directly, to find out what your MPAN is.

If you don’t know who supplies the energy to your new home, you’ll need to call the Local Distribution Centre for your region. Check out our guide to Who supplies your energy to find the number of the LDC for your area.

Where can I find my gas MPRN?

You can find your property’s MPRN on your gas or dual fuel bill. It’s usually marked ‘Meter Point Reference Number’ and is between six and 10 digits long. You won’t find the MPRN on the actual gas meter box.

What if I don’t have a gas bill?

Don’t worry. You can find out who supplies your gas, and the MPRN, by using the Meter Point Administration Service’s online tool Find My Supplier, or calling 0870 608 1524 (calls cost 7p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge).

Is an MPAN or MPRN the same as a meter serial number?

No. The meter serial number (MSN) is a combination of letters and numbers that identify the actual meter. They’ll be on your meter box:

  • On standard meters the MSN is usually printed above or below the barcode and is between nine and 12 digits long. On electricity meters it tends to begin with the letter ‘F’. On gas meters it usually starts with ‘L’ and ends with ‘M’.
  • On smart meters the MSN can be found on the front of the meter box, next to the barcode. On an electricity smart meter the MSN will start with either 14P or 15P. On a gas smart meter it starts with G4P.

Switch and save

If you decide to switch suppliers, the process is simple. Thanks to the Energy Switch Guarantee, it shouldn’t take more than 21 days and your energy supply should be uninterrupted during the switchover. Having your MPAN and MPRN will make sure the process runs even more smoothly.

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