How to get a cheap boiler service

Getting your boiler serviced regularly is essential for keeping it running efficiently and safely. We’ll help you weigh up the costs to decide whether a one-off boiler service or ongoing boiler cover is right for you.

Getting your boiler serviced regularly is essential for keeping it running efficiently and safely. We’ll help you weigh up the costs to decide whether a one-off boiler service or ongoing boiler cover is right for you.

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Posted 4 JANUARY 2021

Why should I get an annual boiler service?

Most boiler companies recommend you have your boiler serviced at least once a year to keep it in tip-top condition. The last thing you want is your heating and hot water breaking down in the middle of winter.

Boiler maintenance is an important part of being a homeowner. Even if your boiler seems to be working fine, you can’t always see problems until it’s too late. Regular boiler checks can help spot any issues well before they become serious and spiral into expensive repairs.

An annual service is usually a condition of your home insurance or boiler warranty and should only be carried out by a Gas Safe-registered engineer.

This applies to all types of gas boiler, whether you’re having a conventional, system or combi boiler service.

What is included in my boiler service?

A gas engineer will visit your home and carry out various tests on your boiler to make sure it’s working safely and efficiently. A gas boiler service will usually include:

  • boiler control checks, including room thermostats
  • gas and pressure-flow tests
  • inspection of the inside of the boiler
  • checks for corrosion and leaks
  • flue checks (both inside and outside) to make sure there are no unsafe emissions coming from your boiler
  • inspection of water and gas pipework
  • boiler parts cleaned (if necessary)
  • checks on all electrical connections
  • seal checks

How much does a boiler service cost?

There’s no set cost for a boiler service in the UK. It generally depends on things like:

  • the age and model of your boiler
  • where you live
  • who carries out the service
  • if any repairs need to be made

You can pay for your boiler service either by paying a one-off charge each time you have your boiler serviced or by taking out boiler cover that includes an annual service in the price.

Your boiler manufacturer or energy supplier might offer you an annual boiler service, but you don’t automatically have to go with them. You can shop around to get a cheaper deal. Your local independent plumber may be cheaper than a national company.

How much is a one-off boiler service?

One-off boiler services can cost anywhere from £70 to £130, depending on the age of your boiler and how long it’s been since your last service.

Prices can vary significantly between providers. If a fault is discovered during the service, you may have to pay for repairs on top of the one-off boiler service fee. This could set you back hundreds of pounds.

Here’s what a selection of providers charge for a one-off boiler service:

  • A British Gas boiler service costs from £85*
  • An EDF Energy boiler service costs from £80*
  • An SSE boiler service costs from £90*
  • The Worcester-Bosch boiler service price starts from £126*
  • The Vaillant boiler service price starts from £85*
  • A Baxi boiler service costs from £96*

How much does boiler cover cost?

Boiler cover is a type of care plan that you can take out to cover the costs of getting your boiler fixed if it breaks down. An annual service is often included in your policy, so you won’t need to pay a one-off fee.

You’ll usually pay for your boiler cover in monthly instalments or as an annual subscription.

As with any care plan, it’s important to check exactly what you’re covered for and what you’re not before signing up for boiler cover, as each plan will be slightly different. 

This table gives you an example of what our partners at Hometree charge for boiler care plans. All covers include an annual boiler service. You can choose to lower the call-out fee, but if you do, prices will be higher.

Subscription Boiler Essentials
(exclusive for Compare the Market customers)
Boiler cover* Boiler and central heating cover* Boiler, central heating, plumbing and electrics cover* Call-out fee*
Monthly cost* £2.44 £12.95 £14.50 £19.95 £0, £60 or £95 call-out fee option
Annual cost £27.84 £147.60 £165.36 £227.40 £0, £60 or £95 call-out fee option

*Prices correct as of December 2020

Read our guide to boiler cover.

Alternatively, you can add boiler cover to your home insurance by choosing home emergency cover as an optional extra. Again, make sure your insurance actually covers the particular boiler you have in your home as it may depend on its age and condition. Boiler cover as part of your home insurance may come with an age limit, whereas a Hometree package won’t. Also, boiler cover as part of your insurance won’t usually include an annual service.

How to get cheap boiler cover

If you’re looking for a boiler care plan, these tips can help you find an affordable deal.

Pay annually
You could save money by paying upfront for a year’s boiler care plan rather than spreading the cost in monthly instalments. With Hometree, you can save up to 5% if you pay annually.

Only pay for what you need
The cost of boiler care varies significantly depending on whether you choose a basic plan or full-home care plan. Avoid paying for more cover than you need, and check whether you’re already covered for things like electrics, pipes and drainage in your home insurance policy, so you’re not doubling up.

Switch boiler cover provider
Don’t automatically renew your plan each year. You may be able to save on your boiler care plan by switching suppliers. If you want to stay with the same provider, it’s worth haggling with them to see if you can get a better deal.

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