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Can I take out a joint home insurance policy?

Home insurance in the UK typically has a single policyholder. That’s the person who applies for the insurance and in whose name the policy is written. For a married couple, a family or co-owners of a property, wouldn’t a joint home insurance policy sound more logical?

The simple answer to the question posed is ‘yes you can’ take out a joint insurance policy if you so wish, and there are some good reasons to do so.

Benefits of taking out a joint home insurance policy

While adding a joint policyholder is not compulsory on home insurance, without it the other person would not be able to make a claim or cancel the policy. However someone could typically change and discuss the policy if they have permission from the policy holder.

joint home insurance policy

Disadvantages of a joint home insurance policy

Some insurance providers will charge an admin fee for the privilege of adding an additional policyholder to an existing home insurance policy, so be sure to check with your insurance provider for details.

To sum up

It’s always better to weigh up the financial and practical implications before rushing into a hasty decision. The best way of finding out how adding another person’s name to the policy will affect the premium is to compare policies with and without additional policyholders and see what you’re actually quoted.

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