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For some of us, the garden is our pride and joy, a hobby that lasts many years. For others, it is simply a place to chill out with friends, the odd glass of wine and of course a barbeque.

When we’re renewing our home insurance, we typically spend some time totting up our possessions to check our use house contents protection is sufficient. It can be easy however, to overlook the plants and items in our garden or outbuildings.

You’ve probably invested more in your garden, its furniture, pots, plants and ornaments than you realise. These items can be easy pickings for the devious thief.

Aren’t I already covered?

It’s true that most standard buildings and contents home insurance policies do provide some degree of cover. Any shed or outbuildings are usually covered under your building insurance policy, as well as external walls.

Our home contents insurance policy typically provides some cover for contents of outbuildings provided they are kept secure and locked. 

Then there are the tricky cases like Japanese Knotweed, fences and gates and gutters - best to read the T&Cs or speak to your insurance provider on these ones. 

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Whats covered?

There is usually a limit to the value of these contents, which could span a number of buildings for example, your shed, greenhouse and garage. It is worth checking whether the combined cover is sufficient, particularly if you keep any expensive power tools or other items of value in them.

As well as an overall limit you may find individual items have a limit too. If you keep a bicycle in an outbuilding it may require separate specification on your policy and may come with additional security requirements.

Check your policies to make sure you have the right level of cover to protect your outbuildings and garden equipment. To compare home and contents insurance policies, use our handy comparison tool to check not only prices, but policy inclusions and limits too.

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