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A simple guide: home insurance with garden cover

A simple guide: home insurance with garden cover

Whether you have a hot tub, a patio heater and a ride-on mower or just a pot plant and a table, replacing the contents of your garden could be more expensive than you think. So, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re insured – here’s how.

Chris King
From the Home team
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posted 19 FEBRUARY 2020

Insuring your garden

For some of us, our garden is our pride and joy. For others, it’s a place to have a glass of wine and barbecue with friends.

Whatever your garden means to you, it’s easy to overlook its value when you’re totting up assets for home insurance cover.

When you think about all the pots, plants, furniture and tools you’ve got out there, you’ve probably invested far more in your garden than you realise. These items can be easy pickings for an opportunistic thief and could cost more than you think to replace.

What valuables might be vulnerable to theft?

In general, smaller items of higher value tend to be the easiest targets for would-be thieves because they can carry them out from your garden – power tools, for example. But, from hot tubs to bird tables, pizza ovens to parasols, our gardens are full of items that would cost a lot to replace. Even flagstone paths are sometimes stolen as the stone is expensive.

Isn’t my garden already covered under my home insurance policy?

Some standard buildings and contents insurance policies provide some degree of cover. Any sheds or outbuildings are usually covered under your buildings insurance, as are your external walls.

Your home insurance policy will typically cover the contents of outbuildings, if they’re kept locked and secure, but there’s likely to be limits in place so check your policy if you’re concerned.

Some insurance providers offer cover for your plants and shrubs. There’s usually a total monetary limit for the amount of cover you’ll get, so check if your provider offers the cover and what the limit is if this is something you’re worried about.

But there are also tricky cases, such as Japanese knotweed, fences and gates and gutters – it’s best to read your policy or speak to your insurance provider about these.

What will be covered under my home insurance?

There’s usually a limit on how much you can claim for garden items under your policy. This limit may also be spread between a number of items in outbuildings, such as your shed, greenhouse and garage. So, it’s always worth checking that your overall limit is sufficient.  

If you keep bikes in an outbuilding, it’s worth checking they would be covered against theft. Some insurance providers will cover bikes stolen from within the boundaries of your home, but there could be conditions that need to be met – like the bike being secured to a permanent fixture or fitting or at least being safely under lock and key in a shed.

What do I need to look out for?

  • Check there aren’t any gaps in your insurance cover – is the cover for contents in your garden or outbuilding actually high enough for everything you own? Take into consideration if you have particularly mature or valuable plants that would be costly to replace – you may want to make sure they’re insured
  • John Lewis reports that sales of robotic lawnmowers are up 75%. Being small and portable, these are a relatively easy target for thieves. So, if you’re one of the many people who’ve bought one, you’ll want to make sure it’s covered. Talk to your insurance provider and see if you need to add it to your policy
  • If you buy expensive garden equipment such as furniture or lawnmowers, keep the receipts – this will likely make any claims easier to process
  • Check your policy for conditions and exclusions. If you have valuable items like patio heaters and pizza ovens, do you have to keep them locked up at night?

How can I make my garden more secure?

  • Always lock back gates and side doors
  • Install security lights
  • Keep valuables in a locked shed or garage overnight

Read your policy to make sure you have the right level of cover to protect your outbuildings and garden equipment.

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