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Cover your iPhone as part of your home insurance to protect against the costs of replacing your valuable phone if it’s lost, stolen or damaged.

Cover your iPhone as part of your home insurance to protect against the costs of replacing your valuable phone if it’s lost, stolen or damaged.

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Posted 30 APRIL 2021

What is iPhone insurance?

iPhone insurance works in the same way as standard mobile phone insurance, but with added protection specific to iPhones and Apple technology, products and services.

The Apple iPhone has become a status symbol for quality, speed, performance and cutting-edge design. But all that comes at a price. If you’ve just forked out for the latest flagship model, it means you’re walking around every day with hundreds of pounds worth of tech in your pocket. Even if you’ve opted for a less expensive model than the latest handset, you’ll still want peace of mind that it’s fully protected.

Whether you want to get specialist standalone insurance for your iPhone or add it to your existing home contents insurance, it’s a good idea to shop around to make sure you get the right level of cover at the right price.

We don’t currently compare specialist iPhone insurance, but we can help you find home contents insurance with personal possessions cover to protect your iPhone and other gadgets at home and away. It’s worth checking before you buy, though, whether your iPhone or gadgets are already covered, perhaps as part of a packaged bank account.

What does iPhone insurance cover?

iPhone insurance will typically cover the same things as standard mobile phone insurance. You should always check the terms and conditions as policies can vary, but in most cases, cover should include:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Water and liquid damage
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Cracked screens
  • Broken buttons
  • Loss, theft or damage to accessories
  • Unauthorised calls, messages and downloads if your phone is stolen

Depending on the claim, your insurance provider may cover repairs to your phone or send you a replacement. Check the policy details before you buy to see if it includes new for old cover. If not, the replacement offered may be a refurbished model rather than a brand-new phone.

Some policies may also cover the cost of replacing downloaded music, movies, apps or games if your phone needs to be replaced.

An iPhone-specific insurance policy might also include extra cover like:

  • E-wallet cover – if your iPhone is lost or stolen and someone uses your Apple Pay feature. There might be a limit on the amount you can claim back and some policies will only cover the first 24 hours after you find out your phone’s missing.
  • Bundled cover – a bit like gadget insurance, this lets you cover other Apple products you have, like a MacBook or iPad, under the same policy – often at a discount.
  • Instant cover – while standard mobile phone cover may only kick in after two or three weeks, some specialist policies offer instant cover if your iPhone is less than 60 days old.
  • Higher cover limits – specialist iPhone policies often come with higher cover limits and may let you use your local Apple store to get repairs done more quickly.

What’s not covered by iPhone insurance?

Like standard mobile phone insurance, there’s a few exclusions to be aware of. For example, you might not be covered for:

  • General wear and tear
  • Scratches
  • Intentional damage
  • Faults caused by you because you didn’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Lost SIM cards
  • Theft from leaving your iPhone unattended – for example, where it can be seen in your car or left on a beach towel while you’re swimming

Some iPhone insurance policies will also exclude pay-outs if:

  • You bought your iPhone outside the UK
  • Your iPhone is second-hand
  • Your iPhone is older than the age limit stated in your policy – for example, some policies only provide cover for iPhones less than 12 months old
  • There isn’t an active SIM card in your iPhone
  • You use your iPhone for work
  • Your iPhone was already damaged before taking out the policy
  • The cost of your claim is higher than the level of cover you’ve chosen
  • You make a claim before cover starts – usually within two to three weeks of taking out the policy

Do I need iPhone insurance?

An iPhone can be expensive to replace, especially if it’s a flagship model, but whether you need specialist iPhone insurance is up to you.

It may make sense to insure your iPhone if:

  • You’re accident prone when it comes to your phone
  • You’ve taken out a new mobile phone contract for the latest iPhone model
  • You need to instantly replace your iPhone if it’s lost or stolen

Before you buy a specialist policy, check any cover you might already have – it could be more than enough to suit your needs. For example, your iPhone might be covered by your home contents insurance or as part of a packaged bank account.

Likewise, if your phone is still within the warranty period, that might be enough to cover any damage.

What is AppleCare?

AppleCare is the warranty you’ll get when you buy a new iPhone through Apple or another retailer. AppleCare automatically covers your iPhone against any defects for the first 12 months. The AppleCare warranty also includes free technical support for the first 90 days.

Apple also offers extended cover at an extra cost with AppleCare+. Cover is extended for a further year and includes 24/7 priority access phone support for the length of the two-year warranty. AppleCare+ also includes cover for two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months, subject to an excess fee for screen damage and any other damage. You’ll also get cover for hardware including the handset itself and the battery and earphones that came with the phone. (AppleCare+ is not available in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man).

Considering that a screen repair and replacement for an iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 Pro Max out of warranty can cost hundreds of pounds, it might be worth getting some kind of cover if you’re particularly accident prone.

How much does iPhone insurance cost?

Specialist cover can be expensive, so don’t automatically assume it’s the best type of iPhone insurance for you. Newer models, especially, could cost more to insure. For example, cover for an iPhone 12 will typically cost more than cover for an iPhone 7 or 8.

It’s also worth noting that some policies only offer cover for older models, so check with the insurance provider if have one of the latest handsets.

The price you’ll pay can also depend on:

  • The level of cover you want – any added extras means you’ll pay more for your premium.
  • Whether you pay annually or monthly – it can often be cheaper to pay upfront once a year as you might be charged interest on monthly payments.
  • How much excess you want to pay – the higher your voluntary excess, the cheaper your premium should be. Just make sure the excess is worth it if you need to make a claim. Sometimes it might be cheaper to pay for the damage yourself.

Can I compare iPhone mobile phone deals through Compare the Market?

Yes, you can. Using our mobile comparison service, you’ll be able to compare deals for a whole range of iPhone models. Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-range iPhone 12 Pro Max, a less expensive iPhone 6, 7, or 8 series, or even a refurbished phone, you’ll find some great iPhone deals right here at Compare the Market.

Can I compare iPhone insurance here?

We don’t currently offer a comparison service for specialist iPhone insurance. But, if you want to add your iPhone to your home contents insurance, we can help you find a great deal at the right price. And, if you want more comprehensive cover for your iPhone, you can easily add accidental damage cover and personal possessions cover outside the home to your home insurance quote.

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