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Replacement of matching sets cover

If you accidentally damage part of a kitchen unit or one dining room chair, will your insurance provider replace the set or just the item that’s broken? Here’s the lowdown on replacement of sets cover.

If you accidentally damage part of a kitchen unit or one dining room chair, will your insurance provider replace the set or just the item that’s broken? Here’s the lowdown on replacement of sets cover.

Written by
Anna McEntee
Home, pet and travel insurance expert
Last Updated
3 MARCH 2023
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What is replacement of sets cover?

Replacement of sets cover – sometimes called matching items cover – protects you if one of your dining chairs or part of a three-piece suite is damaged. It means that if you make a valid claim, your insurance provider will help replace the complete set rather than just the broken item if it can’t be repaired or replaced with something identical (because the item is no longer manufactured, for example).

Matchings sets cover can be part of buildings insurance, for example, to replace undamaged kitchen units because matching units are damaged. Or it can be part of contents cover, for example, to replace an undamaged sofa because a matching armchair is damaged.

Is matching sets insurance standard as part of home insurance?

No, most standard home insurance policies will pay for the repair or replacement of the damaged item only. You’re more likely to find matching sets cover in more expensive, top-tier policies.

Will my home insurance provider cover the whole cost of replacing the set?

Not necessarily – it depends on your policy. For example, some might cover the whole cost of the damaged item, but some will only pay 50% of the cost of replacing the matching items.

It may also depend on the impact of the damage. For example, if a couple of small tiles in the corner of a large bathroom are damaged, the impact of mismatched tiles is minimal. But a replacement two-seater sofa that doesn’t match the armchairs will be more prominent.

Always check your policy details to see what you’re covered for.

Is it worth getting replacement of sets cover?

It depends how important it is to you. Matching sets cover applies to bathroom suites, fitted kitchens and floor coverings, for example, as well as three-piece suites. Imagine how you’d feel having to put up with a mismatched bathroom suite.

Not all home insurance policies offer this kind of cover. It’s typically found in top-of-the range policies that offer the most comprehensive cover and are likely to cost more. Or you might find it’s available as an optional extra to your home insurance, for an additional cost.

It’s worth comparing policies and prices to fully understand your options, and weigh up whether you consider it good value for money and worthwhile for peace of mind.

What’s protected by replacement of sets cover?

It’s likely you have more sets in your home than you think. Here’s a few examples of those you might want to protect:

  • Dining table and matching chairs
  • Kitchen units
  • Bathroom suite
  • Three-piece suite or matching sofas
  • Floor coverings and wall tiles
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Jewellery.

It’s not always obvious what counts and doesn’t count as ‘matching’. For example, the Financial Ombudsman Service has ruled that a carpet in one room doesn’t form part of a matching set with the same carpet in another room, if there’s a division between the two rooms like a door bar.

How to make a home insurance claim for matching pairs or sets

If you need to make a claim on your home insurance, check your policy to see what your provider expects and how to contact them.

Typically you need to:

  • Call your insurance provider as soon as possible
  • Take photos of the damage and check with your provider if you need to keep the damaged items for inspection
  • Dig out any receipts if you have them
  • Wait for the go-ahead from your insurance provider before you replace the set.

How can I find replacement of sets cover?

When you compare home insurance quotes, check the policy details to see which include replacement of matching sets cover. Some may include it as standard, while others might offer it as an optional extra.

Remember to make a note of any exclusions, so you know exactly what is and isn’t covered.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between matching sets cover and accidental damage cover?

Accidental damage cover will pay out if an item is damaged by accident. For example, if you spill red wine on your sofa. While it can protect individual items from domestic mishaps, it might not pay out for an entire set. That means you might end up with a new sofa that doesn’t match the rest of your original suite.

Does matching sets insurance cover jewellery?

If you have matching sets cover included in your home contents insurance, it should cover matching jewellery pieces – for example, a matching ring, necklace and bracelet. But if any of the items are worth more than the single item limit, they need to be listed separately on your home insurance policy to be covered.

Note that a pair of earrings are typically considered to be one item. If you lose one, your standard contents insurance should offer a pay-out to replace the pair if your claim is valid.

Are my matching sets covered outside the home?

It depends on your policy. Your matching sets should be covered if, for example, you’re moving house. But there may be some exceptions to cover outside the home: for example, if you send items somewhere to be cleaned or repaired.

Smaller sets, such as a jewellery collection, might not be covered outside the home. However, personal possessions cover, which is typically available as an add-on to home insurance, can protect your personal items when you’re out and about.

How do I know if I have replacement of sets cover?

Read your policy. Depending on your insurance provider, replacement of sets cover might also be called matching sets cover or matching items cover.

If you chose to add the cover as an extra to your home insurance policy, you may see it listed in your policy as ‘contents matching items included’ or similar wording.

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