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Insurance when moving home

Written by
Anna McEntee
Home, pet and travel insurance expert
Last Updated
12 APRIL 2024
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Do I need removals insurance if I already have home contents insurance?

Possibly not. Your contents insurance may already make provision for moving house, so check any existing policy you have. It may allow ‘contents to be temporarily removed from the home’ and include a cap on the value of any items.

Similarly, if cover isn’t included in your existing policy your provider may be able to add it on. This type of cover is also called ‘contents in transit’, so have a read through your policy to see if you have cover in place and if there are any restrictions.

What insurance do I need when moving home?

The most important cover to have in place when moving home is a contents insurance policy that includes house removals. This kind of cover typically includes accidental loss or damage to your contents while they’re being moved by a professional removals company to your new home. If you are paying for this kind of policy, make sure you understand the amount of excess you’d need to pay if you make a claim. 

Using a removals company when moving home

If you employ a removals company, check what cover your possessions will have while they’re moving them. Confirm whether it’s included as standard in your contract or if you have to pay extra. If it’s charged separately, you may find insuring independently is cheaper as some firms charge a mark-up on what it costs them.

Using a storage company when moving home

If your contents will be in storage for a while, you may want to consider taking out a specialist policy. Ask the storage company about any insurance they have in place while your belongings are stored there. Some storage providers may not cover you for fire damage unless you take out additional fire coverage. Make sure you check and understand the policy details, such as what you can and can’t claim for, any single item limits and if you’ll have to pay an excess.

It’s also worth asking your insurance provider if contents in storage will be covered by your policy and, if so, for how long. If it isn’t, you’ll need to take out extra cover.

Why wouldn't my contents be covered while moving home? 

When moving home, you should read your home insurance policy wording carefully, to find out whether your contents are covered. If they are covered, you should also look for any exclusions. Are you covered for:

  • scratches, dings and dents that happen during the move
  • financial documents, such as bonds and deeds
  • valuable items and money
  • fragile items that aren’t professionally packed
  • your bike?

You might find that you’ll need to take out additional cover to make up for any gaps or exclusions in your existing policy. In nearly all cases, cover is only valid if you use a professional, licensed removals company. DIY moves could invalidate your cover.

How much does contents insurance cost?

51% of our customers were quoted less than £64 a year for their contents insurance[1]

10% of our customers were quotes less than £44 a year for their contents insurance[2]

51% of our customers could save up to £211 on their buildings and contents insurance by comparing with us[3]

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51% of our customers were quoted less than £63.57 for their contents home insurance in March 2024.

[2] 10% of our customers were quoted less than £43.12 for their contents home insurance in March 2024.

[3] Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during March 2024, 51% of customers could achieve this saving on their Buildings and Contents insurance through Compare the Market.

What do I need to get a quote?

To get a home insurance quote for your new home, you’ll need to give us a few details, including:

  • details about your new home
  • the rebuild value
  • the level of cover you want.

Once we give you a list of quotes to compare, you’ll be able to add any optional extras, such as home emergency or accidental damage cover.

Home-mover's checklist 

Started packing already, or have you just started home hunting? Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, whether you’re looking to buy or rent, our home-mover's checklist has everything you need to think about when moving home.

Author image Anna McEntee

What our expert says...

You should contact your insurance provider and let them know you’re moving home. They’ll need to re-evaluate your home insurance cover, as a new postcode and property type can affect the cost of your premium. Don’t feel obligated to stay with your current home insurance provider. In fact, moving home is the perfect time to shop around for a better deal.”

- Anna McEntee, Home, pet and travel insurance expert

Why use Compare the Market?

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[4] Correct as of March 2024.

[5] As of April 2nd 2024, Compare the Market had an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 41,487 people who left a review on Trustpilot. The score 4.8 corresponds to the Star Label ‘Excellent’.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to compare if I can add to my existing policy?

It’s a chance to assess whether you’re getting a good deal on your home insurance in general. While your insurance provider may have been the cheapest in your old home, there’s no guarantee that’s still the case in your new one. With us, you can compare home insurance in minutes to see if you can save.

Be aware that your existing provider may charge an admin fee to change the address on your policy or charge a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your home insurance. However, it could be that the overall savings you make with your new provider still make switching cheaper.

The cost of your home insurance may rise every year, so taking the opportunity to switch could save you money.

Can all my contents be covered for damage?

That depends on any limits an insurance provider sets. It’s a good idea to carefully add up the value of your contents and alert your provider to any items worth more than the single article limit, which can be around £1,500.

Should I use a professional removal company?

Yes, if you want your belongings to be insured. You’re usually only covered for damage to your contents when they’re in a removal van between properties if you employ a professional removal firm – and any breakables may only be covered if they’ve been professionally packed.

Your home insurance provider may also exclude certain items, such as cash, jewellery and valuable documents. You can transport these in your own car when you’ve completed your final checks and left your old property. You may want to look for a standalone policy to cover particularly valuable items.

What pitfalls should I look out for?

Here are a few things to look out for when moving home:

  • Use a professional, licensed removals company. Most insurance providers won’t cover your contents if you you’re moving them yourself.
  • Ensure fragile or breakable items are packed by the removals company.
  • Removals companies have their own insurance, but usually exclude items ‘packed by owner’. In which case, relax, sit back and let them do all the packing for you.
  • If you intend to keep your contents in storage for a long period, check with your insurance provider. You may need extra cover for a longer period.
  • Important documents are usually excluded from home removals cover, so you might want to take them with you in your own car.
  • Particularly valuable, high risk items may need extra cover. Check the limits on your home insurance.

Will my contents be covered if I use a ‘man with a van’?

If you hire a local ‘man with a van’ to help you with your house move, check whether they have insurance in place. If they’re not licensed, your home insurance provider may not cover the move.

A professional removals service may cost you more, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your contents are protected during the move. Your home contents will also be packed professionally, so the risk of damage to items and having to make a claim will also be reduced.

When do I need to get home insurance for my new home?

You should have buildings insurance in place from the day you exchange contracts, rather than on completion. Mortgage providers will expect you to have cover from exchange of contracts. It will likely be a condition of your mortgage offer.

Once you exchange contracts, you’ll be responsible for your new home, even if you haven’t moved in yet.

Find out more about the insurance you’ll need when buying a house.

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