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Insurance cover for possessions outside the home

Insurance cover for possessions outside the home

When you take out home contents insurance, it includes cover for the things inside your home. But you’ll need personal possessions insurance if you want protection for those items you take out of your home. Here’s our guide on this type of insurance and how to get it.

Chris King
From the Home team
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Posted 8 JANUARY 2020

How do I protect my personal possessions when I’m out of the house?

We often carry our most expensive possessions with us. Phones, tablets, laptops, jewellery, glasses, wallets, watches, coats – there’s a lot that travels with us.

You might assume your home contents insurance will cover these items should they be lost or stolen in the street, but that’s not always the case. Some contents policies include personal possessions cover as standard – others don’t.

Check your policy schedule, which should list what cover is included in your policy. If you’re not covered, you need to request personal possessions insurance for when you’re away from home. You may need to pay extra, but it could be worth it.

What will personal possessions insurance cover me for?

Personal possessions insurance covers you for those items you take out and about. This usually includes (but is not limited to):

• phones
• watches
• jewellery
• laptops
• wallets, purses and handbags
• cash money up to a set limit
• sports equipment
• clothing
• musical instruments
• cameras

What doesn’t personal possessions insurance cover?

Exclusions will often include:

  • camping gear while it’s used outdoors
  • items stolen while on public display in a vehicle, even if it’s locked
  • possessions that are left unattended in public places, for example your mobile phone while you’re at the bar in a pub
  • bicycles – these may have to be added separately to a policy
  • business equipment, such as a company laptop or tools
  • damage caused by wear and tear

It’s also worth noting that insurance providers usually set a single article limit. This is the maximum amount any item can be worth before you need to add it individually to the policy. For example, if your watch is worth £2,000 and your single article limit is £1,500, you’d need to add it individually to the policy to ensure it’s covered.

What should I consider when choosing personal belongings insurance?

If you’re considering personal possessions cover:

  • Find out if you have cover for your mobile phone or laptop through other insurance providers, such as your bank or the retailer? If you do, don’t double up on cover as it will cost you more and won’t mean you can claim twice for the same item. You may already have the right cover under your home insurance for items you lose if you’re going away on holiday, therefore you might not need to get additional cover under a travel insurance policy. However, there are often time limits on cover abroad, and your policy may only offer cover in Europe


  • Check what’s covered, as there can be limits on the amount of money you’re covered for if lost or stolen. And check if any crucial items you want to be covered aren’t excluded: for example, bikes and mobile phones

How do I get a good deal on personal possessions insurance?

For many people, personal possessions cover could offer valuable additional protection. To find a policy that’s right for you, compare prices and cover levels right here with us.

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