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Insuring your wedding dress with home contents cover

Insuring your wedding dress with home contents cover

Whether or not you've already had your big day, you'll want to make sure that your wedding dress is protected in case something happens to it. Making sure your home contents insurance covers your valuable dress can give you peace of mind.

Chris King
From the Home team
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Posted 16 JANUARY 2020

Why might I want insurance for my wedding dress?

While everyone has their own budget for the big day, nobody can deny weddings are an expensive business. According to data collected by Hitched in 2017 from over 4,000 brides, the average couple spends a whopping £27,161 on a wedding – that's an increase of 9.6% since 2016.

On average couples spend over £2,084 on the engagement ring alone – but what about the all-important dress?

The average cost of a wedding dress is £1,385 according to Bridebook in 2017, but many are much more – and can cost thousands of pounds. That’s an expensive single item to have hanging in your wardrobe!

Does my home contents insurance cover my wedding dress?

Typically yes, your contents insurance will normally cover your wedding dress, but given its value and importance there are a couple of things you need to consider:

  • what is the value of your dress?
  • do you need it covered outside of the house?

As a general rule, insurance providers will make a deduction in value for items of clothing as they’re worn and depreciate in value over time. It’s worth checking your policy documents to see what deduction would be made for your dress; it might be that no deduction is applied as you only intend to wear the dress once.

Do I need to list my wedding dress as a specific item on my insurance policy?

Depending on the value of your dress, it's usually worth listing it as a specific high value item to make sure it's covered to its full value. Most insurance policies have a single item limit attached to them, which sets out the most the provider will pay for a single item, unless it’s individually listed on a policy.

The limit is usually around £1,500, but it does vary from policy to policy so make sure to check yours. If your dress is worth more than the single item limit, then you need to give your insurance provider a call to adjust the policy and add on the dress as a specific high value item.

Is my dress insured outside of the home?

Usually, this won't come with a standard home insurance policy, but your cover can be extended to insure your dress outside of your home. This usually entails listing it as a 'personal possession' and can be similarly arranged for other items such as your engagement ring, phones and cameras.

Compare personal possessions cover. Plus, if you're getting married abroad, don't forget to carefully consider your travel insurance.

Should I let my insurance provider know that I'm getting married?

It could be worth contacting your insurance provider to tell them that you’re getting married if it’s likely that you’ll have additional high-value items in your home – such as wedding rings as well as your dress – in the lead up to the wedding. Providers would also need to know if you’re changing your name.

Some insurance providers will actually increase the value of your contents cover for the period around your wedding.

How can I compare contents insurance?

There are some things you won’t be able to do anything about on the big day – like the weather and the best man’s speech! But making sure your wedding dress and other valuables are covered will give you peace of mind. Use our home insurance comparison tool today.

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