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Protecting your wedding dress through home contents cover

With the big day fast approaching, the last thing any happy couple want to be thinking about is home contents insurance. However, with the average couple spending a significant amount of money on new items for the wedding, it’s well worth a few minutes thought. Making sure you have sufficient contents insurance in place can give you some valuable peace of mind.

The all-important dress

While everyone has their own budget for the big day, weddings are an expensive business. On average couples spend over £2,800 on jewellery for their wedding including the wedding rings, engagement rings and other accessories. The average groom is parting with about £330 for his suit but what about the all-important dress?

The cost of a wedding dress can range from many hundreds to many thousands of pounds depending on how lavish an affair you’re having. On average, a wedding dress will now cost over £1,000. That’s an expensive item to have hanging in your home before the big day.

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Does my contents insurance cover it?

Yes, your contents insurance will normally cover your dress, but given its value and importance there are a couple of additional steps it makes sense to take.

It’s well worth contacting your insurance provider to tell them that you’re getting married. Some insurance providers will actually increase the value of your contents cover for the period around your wedding and this could be enough to cover you in value terms.

Even so, it is still worth listing the dress as a specific item in your cover to make sure. Be aware that insurance policies have single item limits attached to them. This means that the amount of money that the insurance provider will pay out on a single item is limited. The amount is usually around £1,500, but it does vary from policy to policy.

Check yours and if your dress is worth more than the single article limit, give your insurance provider a call to adjust the policy to take the dresses value into account.

If you wish, you can also extend the cover to insure your dress outside of your home. This usually entails listing it as a “personal possession” and can be similarly arranged for other items like jewellery, phones, cameras and so on.

There’s some things you won’t be able to do anything about on the big day…. like the weather and the best man’s speech! At least if your contents are covered by a good insurance policy, you’ve one less thing to worry about!

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