Simple home security tips

Let's talk about home security. First, the bad news: nearly half a million burglaries were recorded by police in the UK in 2017 – a rise of 9%. The good news? There are things you can do to help keep your home safe. Here are some simple home security tips to help you deter burglars.

Chris King From the Home team
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Secure sheds and garages

Think about what you have stored in your garage and ensure you've secured it properly. Items such as garden tools can be attractive to thieves – plus the Metropolitan Police warn that thieves will often go to your shed first to find tools to break into your home.

Try security cameras

If you want to add an extra level of security to your home, security cameras are a great way of monitoring activity, alerting you to any suspicious goings-on and even pre-empting break-ins.

simple home security tips

Join Neighbourhood Watch

Create or join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme with your neighbours. Around 2.3 million households across the UK are already involved. Take turns to keep an eye on each other's properties while on holiday. Visit the Neighbourhood Watch Association to find a local scheme or for advice on setting up your own. Joining a scheme can not only help keep your home safe – it may reduce the cost of your home insurance.

Get a home alarm

Invest in a security system. Unmonitored alarms act as an alert rather than being connected to call centres. They react when tripped and can alert people in the local area of suspicious activity – which is especially useful if you're in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

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Remotely control your lighting

Lights going on and off in your home are a deterrent to thieves on the lookout for an unoccupied home. Consider installing remotely controlled security lighting. This allows you to set timers for lights to go off while you're away. Some let you control the lighting via an app on your phone.

Install outside lights

Consider adding some security lights outside for when it gets dark in the evenings or early mornings. Movement-sensitive lights will help deter thieves but won't disturb neighbours unduly.

Simple home security tips

Be careful on social media

Avoid posting pictures from holidays or evenings out in real time. It could potentially alert thieves to your absence. You can always post them once you get back home.

Simple home security tips

Make sure you have the right home insurance

Although you can't ever be completely sure you won't get burgled, you can do a lot to minimise the financial effects. Get home contents insurance to cover your possessions and buildings insurance to cover damaged doors and window.

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