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Are security systems worth it and can they reduce my insurance?

When you get a security system fitted in your home, it can make you feel instantly at ease. You know your house is ready and alert for any unwelcome visitors while you’re away or asleep.


Of course, home security systems come in all shapes and sizes: there are the big ones with auto locking doors and panic rooms installed and there are little ones that tend to wail loudly if they detect movement.


Regardless of what system you have, you could make a saving on your home insurance if you have one installed.

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So what types of security systems are there?

Security systems can vary. There are unmonitored systems that act as an alert, usually only reacting when tripped, and monitored systems that are connected to call centres, alerting the police if suspicious activity is detected. There are wireless systems too; these are the more techie side to security, but enable you to do things like lock certain rooms and turn on lights remotely to make it seem like someone’s at home.

are home security cameras worth it?

How much do security systems cost?

This all depends on the system you choose. If you choose a simple unmonitored alarm you can spend as little as £9.99. But if you want that extra bit of protection, you can get spend £450 and pay a monthly fee for the monitoring. Not everybody will need bank vault style security (unless you do live in a bank vault). So pick a security system that suits where you live. If you live in an area that has a higher risk of break-ins, then a more advanced security system could benefit you. If you live in a secluded area, then you won’t see much benefit from an alarm that only makes noise.

Can a security system reduce my home insurance costs?

When it comes to home insurance – both buildings insurance and contents insurance – having a security system in place can often make a difference to how much you pay. This all depends, however, on things like location and building type or size. If you live in a higher risk area and have a decent alarm already installed, then you may be eligible for a security system discount. If you haven’t got a security system that matches your area, then some insurers may not even insure you until you have one installed.

are home security systems worth it?

How can I tell if a security system is good enough?

Most alarm companies now come with an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) rating. This rating means that your alarm meets all the standards that the police, fire and rescue services expect from a property. Some insurers may ask you for this rating before they even give you insurance, so it’s always a good idea to keep proof of this just in case.

Where can I get good value home insurance?

If you’re on the hunt for good insurance, then you’ve stumbled on to the right page. Meerkats are experts in security (it’s why they stand on their back legs). We compare over 100 insurers for you, so if you’re specifically looking for a burglar alarm to ensure you get discount on your home insurance, then comparing the market might be the way forward. All you need to do is start a quote, enter some details about where you live and what security you have in place, and we’ll help you find the best options out there. Stay safe and compare the market today.

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