Protect your home with the latest smart security technology

Whether it’s cameras you control from your phone, or locks you simply touch to open, the latest smart tech could help keep your home safe and secure. Here’s our guide to the very latest gear. 

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Smart Detectors

Open-plan houses and new construction materials mean that fires today are more dangerous and spread more quickly than they did 40 years ago. So it’s vital that you get yourself an alarm.  

One of the smartest available is the Nest Protect Smoke & CO2 alarm, which regularly tests itself to save you the stress of wondering if it’s actually working. It won’t go off every time you burn the toast, but instead gives you an early warning signal when it senses smoke. And if it does go off, you can silence it from your phone, rather than running around in a panic hoping you haven’t upset the neighbours.


Smart home security systems

If you’re looking for something that covers all bases, try the Panasonic Home Monitoring & Control Kit. This is a smart hub that connects to gadgets such as security cameras and smart plugs that then control your appliances. It also comes with sensors that let you know when windows and doors are being opened. This can then trigger an alarm or CCTV recording. There are no monthly subscription charges, and you can add other smart home products to the system as you get them.  

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Samsung’s SmartThings is another all-in-one system that lets you control everything from your lighting to your watering system. The hub connects wirelessly to your lights, speakers, locks and thermostat. You can then control all of these via your Google Home or Amazon Alexa, or remotely with your phone. This is a particularly handy security measure when you’re out of town.

Smart cameras

Nest makes a range of smart cameras that will detect a person from 50 feet away and send a picture of them to your phone, as well as alerting you to any unusual sound. And if it does turn out to be an intruder, you can scare them off with the Talk & Listen feature even if you’re not there. 

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Smart security lights

Arlo makes wire-free, weatherproof, smart security lights that you can control with your phone or using Amazon Alexa. These super-bright LED lights will brighten up dark outdoor areas, making them more secure. The lights also sync with Arlo’s camera system, allowing you to record footage when the lights detect motion.

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