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What is Trace and Access Insurance Cover?

The term ‘trace and access’ refers to cover within a home buildings policy. It’s the process of finding where a leak is coming from. Sometimes of course it’s obvious, you might be able to actually see where the water is leaking from the pipe for example. On other occasions though, the only evidence that something is seriously wrong could be the smell of gas or wet walls and ceilings.

Finding where the leak is actually originating from can be a disruptive, not to mention expensive process. Trace and access insurance cover, protects you against the costs of this work.

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Does it come as standard?

Not always.

Whilst some home insurance policies do include trace and access cover not all do. It’s not going to be of any comfort to you if you only discover that your policy doesn’t cover you when you have a bad leak.

We’d suggest that it’s worth checking your policy documentation to see if you have any cover in place. If you do, most policies have limits of between £5,000 and £10,000 for this type of cover.

trace and access home insurance cover

I have cover, what should I do if there’s a leak?

Sounds a bit obvious, if you’ve water escaping, and the cause isn’t obvious, you need to contact your insurance provider and then get a plumber out as soon as possible. If you do have trace and access cover, your policy documentation might tell you that you need to call an emergency number that they provide in order for one of their approved workmen to be sent out to your property.

Are underground pipes any different?

Water, gas and sewage service pipes often run under your garden to your property. So too do cables for electricity and cable TV. You're responsible for the pipes that run underneath your land.

While trace and access cover is important for finding a problem with a damaged service pipe, you’ll need to check whether your insurance covers the cost of repairing the pipe too.

Hopefully you’ll never need to rely on trace and access cover, but it’s comforting to know that it’s there just in case. Check your policy documentation or call your insurance provider to check whether your policy includes trace and access as standard. Or use our comparison service to compare home building insurance and find a policy with trace and access cover.

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