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Insurance when moving home

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Do I need removals insurance if I already have home contents insurance?

Possibly not. Your contents insurance may already make provision for moving house, so check any existing policy you have. It may allow ‘contents to be temporarily removed from the home’ and include a cap on the value of any items. Similarly, if cover isn’t included in your existing policy, your provider may be able to add it on. This type of cover can also be called ‘contents in transit’ or something similar, so have a read through your contents cover and see if you have cover in place and if there’s any restrictions.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to compare if I can add to my existing policy?

Well, it’s a chance to assess whether you’re getting a good deal on your home insurance in general. While your insurance provider may have been the cheapest in your old home, there’s no guarantee that’s still the case in your new one. With us, you can compare home insurance in minutes to see if you can save.

Be aware your old provider may charge an admin fee to change the address on your policy, or charge a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your home insurance policy. However, it could be that the overall savings you make with your new provider still makes switching cheaper.

The cost of your home insurance may rise every year so taking the opportunity to switch could save you money. New figures by Which?, the consumer watchdog, show that customers who have been with their insurance company for between four and six years are paying 54% more (on average £300) for their combined contents and buildings insurance than customers who took out a new policy in the past 12 months (who pay an average of £195).

What cover do I need for a property move?

For most of us, the process of upping sticks and moving to a new home is time consuming and exhausting – and that's when things go smoothly. So, it’s good to know you could have financial back up and extra peace of mind if something happens to your possessions during a move. Home contents insurance that protects you when moving or storing items (and that includes theft and damage) could be the right option available to you.

Can all my contents be covered for damage?

That depends on any limits an insurance provider sets, so it’s a good idea to carefully add up everything on a list, and alert them to any items worth over their single article limit, which can be around £1,500. Admiral Home Insurance found the average UK home has £30,742 worth of possessions insured – rising to over £80,000 in London. And the number of claims made runs at over £7 million a day, according to a recent study by the Association of British Insurers. So, be thorough with your inventory.

Should I use a professional removal company?

Insurance providers will probably want you to. You’re usually only covered for damage to your contents when they’re in a removal van between properties if you employ a professional removal firm - and any breakables may only be covered if they’ve been professionally packed. Corrugated cardboard or plastic storage boxes will do a good job of keeping your possessions safe during the move. Of course, your home insurance provider may also exclude certain items, such as cash, jewellery and valuable documents, so pop these in your own car when you’ve done your final checks and left your old property.

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