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Life insurance with no medical

Help protect what's most important to you.

Help protect what's most important to you.

Help protect what's most important to you.

Help protect what's most important to you.

Help protect what's most important to you.

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Can I get life insurance without a medical?

Life insurance without a medical is available – and means that you'll be able to take out a policy without needing to complete health checks. Whether or not you're eligible will depend on circumstances relating to your health, lifestyle and your family's medical history.

If you're relatively young and in good health, then you probably won't need a medical report for life insurance. But if you're older and, say, have smoked for most of your life, then you'll probably be asked by an insurance provider to visit your doctor.

Some life insurance providers offer a cover called guaranteed acceptance, where you can be certain you’ll be offered a policy. This type of no-medical policy builds a cash value over time and lasts as long as you continue to pay your premium.

Frequently asked questions

What factors could mean I need to take a medical for life insurance?

You could be asked to take a medical for life insurance if one, or more, of the following applies to you:

  • You’ve disclosed a pre-existing medical condition on an application  
  • There are hereditary illnesses in your family
  • You’ve lived overseas for extended periods of time
  • You’ve been turned down for life insurance in the past

What’s the point of a medical?

Having a medical or getting a doctor’s report (after an insurance provider asks for your consent), means that a life insurance provider will be able to assess your application in more detail; and give you the most accurate premium to pay based on your individual health and lifestyle.  

The insurance provider tends to cover the cost of a medical and it’ll take place somewhere convenient to you. If you do need a medical, it’s not something to be worried about. A medical professional will check your weight, height, calculate your BMI and take your blood pressure. 

How can I reduce the cost of a policy?

There are factors which you have no control over, such as your family’s health history or if you have a pre-existing medical condition. However, there are plenty of other things you can control, such as eating well and not smoking. Generally speaking, the healthier you are the better when it comes to life insurance. Find out why it’s a common misconception that you can’t get life or health insurance cover with a pre-existing medical condition.

What else should I think about?

Always bear in mind that it’s important to answer any questions truthfully. While it may be tempting to say that you don’t smoke, if it comes to light at a later date that you’ve been smoking for years then you could invalidate your entire policy. Few things in life are guaranteed, so it’s really important to think about the financial welfare of your loved ones should the worst happen to you – and the implications of not being honest at the time when you take out a policy. 

Where can I compare quotes on life insurance?

It’s really easy with us – and on average it can take less than 3 minutes to complete a life insurance quote through Compare the Market based on data in February 2020**. Life insurance doesn’t have to be expensive either. We found that half our customers could get cover for £25.80 a month***.

**On average it can take less than 3 minutes to complete a life insurance quote through Compare the Market based on data in February 2020.
***50% of people could achieve a quote of £25.80 per month for their life insurance for up to £100,000 worth of cover  based on Compare the Market data in February 2020.

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