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Compare Alcatel Mobile Phone Deals

Alcatel, the brand name of Chinese manufacturer TCL Communications sells smartphone handsets in over 170 countries around the world. If you don’t take life too seriously, Alcatel may be just the brand for you. Aimed squarely at the younger end of the market, Alcatel produce smart phones and mobile phones that are in their words “simple, personal, authentic and fun.”

So, if you’re looking for a mobile phone that is rich in features to share your everyday experiences, why not check out an Alcatel smartphone?

What Alcatel phones are there?

Well, let’s start with a rocking little number called the Alcatel IDOL 3. Why rocking? Well this 134mm x 66mm x 7.5mm number boasts two powerful front speakers that kicks out 3D HiFi sound – all from its lightweight 110g body. With a 401ppi screen, the details will be as sharp as the sounds, and if it’s your own pictures you’re interested in, the IDOL 3 has a 13 megapixel camera with auto and touch focus.

So, the IDOL 3 is good, but you want something even more powerful? Then how about the IDOL 4. With a 5.2” high definition screen and two dual 3.6W speakers this phone knows how to make a noise. It’s not all about the noise though, the IDOL 4 looks fabulous with its slick glass front and textured glass back, all packaged in a metal frame. Yes, it has a great camera too and both the IDOL 3 and IDOL 4 have a trick up their sleeves. They’re both reversible. Pick it up in any direction and the user interface will always right itself, left becomes right, and right becomes left. Face up or face down, the sound remains loud and clear.

If you want to make an impression and express yourself, how about the Alcatel POP 4? Powered by the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, the POP 4 puts the power in your fingertips. Coming with a range of metallic looks or even something more natural like wood, the POP 4 will have your style covered. Want to get your friends in your selfies? Easy with the wide-angle selfie cam with flash. With a great 5” display, and weighing in at 134g, the POP 4 can’t be ignored.

You need a smartphone with even more attitude. Then how about the Alcatel POP STAR. Feeling great in the hand thanks to its curved back and premium materials, it could look even funkier than other makes. The POP STAR has a huge range of styles from natural to ‘whoa there’, and what’s more, once you decide on your style, a quick QR code scan and your wallpaper will match. The POP STAR is more than a pretty face though, with a powerful quad core processor and vivid 5” display, this smartphone knows how to show off.

Of course, Alcatel recognises that not everyone wants the fastest, cleverest smartphones out there. Some people want something nice and small which does the job at a lower price. Alcatel has a range of such mobiles including the Alcatel 2045. Weighing just 86g, the 2045 still has a camera and thanks to its 2.4” display you can still see everything crystal clearly.

Any more?

Oh yes. Alcatel has a huge range of smartphones as well as standard mobile phones. There really is something for everyone. If you want to compare more Alcatel smartphones including others in the POP and PIXI range, we’ve created a comparison page to make it really simple. Don’t believe us? Well try it today and we’ll show you.