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Matthew Brewer

Commercial Manager — Digital at Compare the Market

Broadband and mobile expert

With more than 10 years’ experience working with a wide range of digital brands, Matthew knows how to deliver great outcomes for customers.

With the UK racing towards gigabit broadband speeds and our phones more powerful and integral to our modern lives, Matthew wants to make sure you have a great package that can keep up.

Matthew's background

“Throughout my 12+ years in digital across a range of companies, I’ve always been passionate about building meaningful and beneficial relationships with partners in order to drive the best outcomes for our various customers.”

Matthew's goal

“My aim as Partnerships Manager here at Compare the Market is to deliver great broadband and mobile offers, content and experiences for our customers. These products are going to be changing substantially over the next few years and I’m going to ensure that we make the process of switching providers even more seamless and rewarding.

I’m equally excited to help de-mystify some of the unnecessarily complicated terminology used within this space that serves only to confuse consumers.”

Matthew's experience

Compare the Market

At Compare the Market, Matthew’s role as a partnerships manager sees him work with digital brands for the good of our broadband and mobile customers. He’s regularly in talks with the biggest providers to try and secure new products and services to help you search for the right package.


Shuttlerock build digital content for some of the largest international brands, including YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. As a Partnerships Manager, Matthew worked with a host of these companies to help them build their brands and provide great content and services for customers.

The Independent

Working for one of the UK’s largest news organisations for more than five years, Matthew’s path led him to becoming a Senior Partnerships Manager. In this role, he was responsible for the planning, execution and day-to-day management of a range of digital business partnerships across a number of key verticals.


Mubina Pirmohamed — Insurance expert

“Matt has recently joined the team and has brought with him a wealth of experience that will help shape the direction of our comparison experience in Broadband, Landline, TV, mobile phone, and SIM cards. He is determined to make an impact by making things easier for customers to interact with and make decisions. And, he has also been instrumental in securing deals for customers throughout the year with more to come!”

Matthew Brewer commenting on…

The state of the digital market in 2024

“2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year within broadband and mobile – with sweeping infrastructure changes such as the PSTN switch-off, the phasing out of 3G networks, and the rollout of 10 Gbps fibre - we’re seeing higher quality services available to more consumers than ever before.

We also welcome upcoming changes to how price rises are communicated to customers. I’m excited to see the effect this will have on the broadband market. This improved transparency could drive further price competitiveness with consumers ultimately benefitting from cheaper rates and clarity on their contract values.”

Compare the Market’s Editorial Guidelines

If you’d like to learn more about how we produce our content, check out our Editorial Guidelines.

Learn how our content is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and how we adhere to ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) standards. We’ll also walk you through our four-step editorial process and how we strive for editorial integrity.

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