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Compare Blackberry smartphone deals

What BlackBerry models are there to compare?

Picking and comparing a BlackBerry is a bit more straightforward than in the past, as they’ve reduced their range to a couple of flagship phones.  

Have a look at the BlackBerry Motion - it’s got everything you’d expect in a modern smartphone with a large screen, high-res camera and the latest Android Google OS - but offers a different way of getting things done. It’s also extremely robust and boasts excellent battery life.  

Compare with the Blackberry KEYone, with its qwerty keyboard and large touchscreen. 

They’re both, arguably, the most secure Android smartphones on the market thanks to BlackBerry security software - the world’s most trusted mobile security software. It uses DTEK security monitoring app, and Blackberry claims it has best-in-class monthly Android security updates, and comes pre-loaded with a host of bespoke features that run in the background to protect you and your data.

Frequently asked questions

BlackBerry Motion

  • 5.5” HD touchscreen
  • Strong aluminium frame makes it very durable
  • Soft-grip textured back for comfort
  • 12 MP main camera, large pixel auto-focus
  • Anti-scratch nano-diamond coating protects against everyday hazards and knocks
  • Water and dust resistant IP67 rating to protect from spills, splashes and dust
  • 32 hours of battery life

BlackBerry KEYone

  • 4.5” touchscreen sits above physical keyboard for different way of typing on a smartphone
  • 26 hours battery life
  • 12 MP camera with Sony IMX378 Sensor tech
  • Impact resistant display
  • Strong metal frame, soft textured back
  • Predictive text made even faster with the ability to flick words onto your screen as you type
  • Shortcut keys take you places quickly
  • 8 MP wide angle selfie front cam

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