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Compare HTC mobile phone deals

Amongst your iPhones and your Samsungs , the HTC brand might seem a little lost, but they’ve actually been making phones for decades – usually for other people. It was only in recent years that HTC decided to make phones using their own ‘HTC’ (High Tech Computer corporation) label. And they were right to do so – when the HTC One handset launched in 2013 it won MSN’s accolade of ‘Best Phone in the World’ – a title not to be sniffed at. So, what’s so great about an HTC and what have they got lined up for the future?

What’s on offer?

The current and latest flagship phone is the HTC 10, which succeeds the previous HTC One M9. It’s got a 5.2-inch HD screen, a 12MP rear and 5MP front facing camera as well as 23GB storage. It’s beefy and weighs in at 161g and measures 145.9mm x 71.9mm x 9mm. The 10 has received some great reviews and if you’re looking for something sturdy and reliable, but aren’t bothered about big name brands, then an HTC is worth considering. But just because HTC isn’t a household name, it doesn’t mean their tech comes cheap – a HTC 10 still costs around £569 for the handset.

As you’d expect from a new phone, it’s 4G compatible so if your provider gives you 4G access then you’ll be able to experience super speedy internet when you’re out and about. One part of a HTC phone that many reviewers agree on is the elegance of the handset and how good it feels to hold (if you like that sort of thing). It’s been ergonomically designed so it rests comfortably in your hand and you’ll be able to experience its beauty in grey, silver or gold. New software also means that apps launch faster and it’s simpler and more intuitive to use – all good things when it comes to using your phone on the go.

What else is there?

If you’re not bothered about getting your hands on the newest handset then the rest of the HTC family doesn’t disappoint. Years manufacturing phones for other brands (like Google) means that you’ll be hard pushed to find a duff HTC. Before the HTC 10 was the HTC One M9 and before that the HTC One M8 – and both the M8 and M9 shared some fantastic reviews.

As you’d expect the newer M9 phone uses improved software (compared to the M8), it’s also got more storage and better speakers, the screens are similar, the only difference being the M9 has scratch resistant glass. The big variation comes in the camera – you get a 20.7MP camera on the M9 and 4MP on the M8. Size wise, there’s not a lot in it – the M9 is actually ever so slightly thicker but it weighs a touch less.

Of course, mobile phones wouldn’t be mobile phones if there wasn’t something confusing about the sheer number of models available and HTC are no exception. Because as well as the M series, they also slipped in the A range and launched an A9 the same year as the M9. The A9 is much lighter than the hefty M9 (143g compared to 161g) it’s also slimmer. But if music’s your bag, then you won’t find the speakers as good on the A9.

The screens on the A9 and M9 are pretty similar, both offer the scratch resistant glass and both have a 5-inch display. In terms of performance, the M9 is slightly faster but if it’s storage you want then the A9 can be topped up with an SD card giving you up to 2TB (that’s a huge amount in case you’re wondering). There are pros and cons to both the M9 and the A9 so it comes down to quite specific things depending on what you’re looking for.

A newer phone in the A series, the A9s is due to come out soon and whilst it’s not technically an upgrade, it’s not a downgrade either but something in between. It still offers a 5-inch screen but it’s not the super swanky AMOLED technology that gives you crisp, clear images of the more expensive models. 

What’s in the pipeline?

The HTC 10 will be followed by (surprise, surprise) the HTC 11 – exact launch date is still TBC but rumour has it, that’ll be sometime in the spring of 2017. It’s expected to use the latest processors which means it’ll be faster, and following user feedback they’re making the camera feature slicker. Whether or not the new HTC will be waterproof remains to be seen.

Compare HTC mobile phone deals

Compare HTC deals

At the end of the day, we all have our own phone preferences, for some of us the camera is the all-important feature; but for others, a phone that just does the job is more than good enough, so it often comes down to how good the overall package is. Which is where it’s important to understand things like what tariff to choose and which providers offer a service that’ll mean you get four bars instead of constantly being disappointed with one (or even worse – none). But you can do all of that right here by comparing the market – so what are you waiting for?