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Compare Nokia Mobile Phone Deals

What Nokia means to you might depend on how old you are or how good your memory is. That’s because the Nokia brand once ruled the mobile phone market, in 2003 for example, the Nokia 1100, a budget-friendly mobile phone sold an incredible 250 million units around the world making it the bestselling phone and electronic product in the world. Unfortunately, the market moved faster than Nokia could keep up and, with the arrival of smartphone technology, was a little slower than the rest. In 2011 in a bid to reverse its fortunes, Nokia signed a partnership arrangement with software giant Microsoft. Under the arrangement, Nokia would make Microsoft’s Windows compatible phones. So, the name Nokia lived on, and if you’re interested in finding out more about what Nokia handsets are available, read on.

Nokia phones

For many people, Nokia are still top of the pile when it comes to a simple handset with great design quality. If it’s a phone that you principally need for calls and texts, and one that doesn’t need charging every day, a Nokia might well be perfect. That doesn’t mean they don’t also do smartphones, the partnership with Microsoft has shown they do. Let’s take a closer look.

Starting with that partnership, the Nokia Lumia 820 was launched back in 2012. But nowadays, if it’s a simple Nokia phone that you’re interested in, why not check out the Nokia 108. Amazingly lightweight at just 70g, the 108 is one of the most portable phones you could buy. Don’t worry about forgetting to charge it either, the 108 can last over 30 days on standby without a charge. Alternatively, you could chat on the phone for over 12 hours before it got tired! Imagine doing that on a smartphone! The phone also has a handy little 0.3 megapixel photo for taking a few snaps and storage of up to 4 MB is possible with a microSD card.

The Nokia 130 is a similar simple to use, practical mobile phone. Weighing 68g, the 130 is ideal for simple phone calls and texts. With a clear colour screen, it’s easy to see and read in all conditions. Again, the battery will last for an age on standby and give you over 12 hours talk time. With a microSD card inserted you could turn this little phone into an MP3 player with a handy 46 hours of playback.

The Nokia 222 is another no-nonsense phone, small and lightweight. The 222 was launched in late 2015 and has a 167ppi 2.4” screen. With a 2 megapixel camera and WAP 2.0 browser, the phone is good for basic browsing and photos as well as for all those texts and calls. For a cheap and cheerful phone, the Nokia 222 is a great fit.

Anything new from Nokia?

Well, 2017 may be an interesting year for those interested in Nokia. It looks likely that it will be making a comeback with a relaunch of the old Nokia 3310 and launching a new range of smartphones bearing its name. This is because early in 2016 Nokia sold its mobile phone brand to fellow Finnish company HMD Global. HMD plans to invest over £300 million over the next three years marketing the new devices which will run on the successful Google Android operating system. The move, which may well spell the end for the Lumia range, will be watched with anticipation by the mobile phone industry and Nokia fans alike.

Compare Nokia Mobile Phone Deals

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