What is WiFi Calling and how do I use it?

It’s frustrating to find yourself in an area with poor mobile signal when you need to stay in contact. That’s where WiFi Calling can come in handy. Here we explain what WiFi Calling is and how you use it.

It’s frustrating to find yourself in an area with poor mobile signal when you need to stay in contact. That’s where WiFi Calling can come in handy. Here we explain what WiFi Calling is and how you use it.

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Posted 7 JANUARY 2021

What is WiFi Calling?

WiFi Calling lets you make calls and send texts over a WiFi network instead of a 3G or 4G connection. It can be a lifesaver if you’re stuck somewhere with a poor mobile signal.

Whether you’re at home, at the airport, on the underground or in a country pub, if the mobile signal’s poor, you could use a WiFi Calling network instead.

To be able to use the feature you’ll need to have a phone plan with a network provider who offers WiFi Calling, and a compatible smartphone.

How do I set up WiFi Calling?

That depends on the network you’re with and the type of smartphone you have.

In some cases, especially with the newest phones, WiFi works automatically. But usually it’s just a case of connecting your phone to WiFi and switching on the WiFi Calling option in settings.

Also, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest software updates installed for WiFi Calling to work properly.

Which networks offer WiFi Calling?

Not all smartphones can use WiFi Calling and not all mobile phone networks offer it. The ones that do include:


  • EE WiFi Calling is available for all customers on a monthly plan with a compatible handset
  • You can use WiFi Calling for both phone calls and texts
  • Switch easily between WiFi and 4G without cutting off
  • Stay connected on the tube with Virgin’s WiFi hotspots available in more than 250 London Underground stations
  • EE WiFi Calling is not yet available for pay as you go (PAYG) customers
  • Compatible phones include Apple iPhone XS, SE, 5c, Samsung Galaxy series and Huawei P series


  • Three WiFi Calling is available on all plans
  • Works for both calls and texts
  • Seamless transition from WiFi to 4G without cutting off
  • Supports WiFi provided by Virgin at over 250 London Underground stations
  • Devices that can run Three’s WiFi Calling include Apple iPhone 5s and later models, Huawei P series, Google Pixel series and Samsung Galaxy series
  • Some Android phones will need a software update for WiFi Calling to work properly


  • Vodafone’s WiFi Calling is easy to use and connects automatically on compatible phones
  • Available on Apple iPhones and compatible Android smartphones bought directly from Vodafone
  • May not work if you bought a compatible Android phone from another provider
  • Available for customers on Vodafone’s Pay Monthly Unlimited or Red plans
  • Not available for Basic plans or PAYG
  • Only works with calls, not texts


  • O2’s WiFi and 4G Calling works seamlessly between both types of network coverage, so no worries about being cut off during your call
  • Available for O2 pay monthly customers with a compatible phone and operating system – iOS 8 or above for iPhones and Android 4.0 or higher for Androids
  • On some Android devices, WiFi and 4G Calling might only work if you’re using O2 firmware
  • Not available to PAYG customers
  • Only works for calls, not SMS texts

BT Mobile

  • BT Mobile’s WiFi Calling is available on all BT plans
  • Make phone calls and send texts whenever there’s a poor mobile signal
  • BT is covered by the EE network which has the best coverage in the country
  • No need to download an app – WiFi Calling works automatically with any BT compatible phone
  • BT WiFi Calling works on all iPhones from 5s upwards if you have a BT plan and Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ if you bought the handset directly from BT and have a BT plan

iD Mobile

  • Running on the Three network, iD Mobile WiFi Calling lets you make phone calls and send texts
  • Supports a long list of smartphones with more constantly being added
  • Transition from WiFi to 4G is seamless and won’t cut off your call
  • Not available for PAYG customers

Sky Mobile

  • Sky Mobile’s WiFi Calling is available with all Sky Mobile plans
  • Sky Mobile’s WiFi Calling is powered by the O2 network
  • Works for calls and texts
  • A smaller list of compatible phones compared to other networks – these include Apple iPhone SE and 6 or later with 12.3 iOS or above, Samsung Galaxy S20 and above, Sony Xperia and Huawei P30 and P30 Pro
  • WiFi Calling isn’t guaranteed to work if you didn’t buy your phone directly from Sky Mobile
  • Calls might drop when switching between WiFi and 4G

Virgin Mobile

  • Virgin Mobile’s WiFi Calling lets you call and text anywhere you have a wireless connection on the EE network
  • Available for Virgin Mobile customers on a Pay Monthly plan with a compatible phone and a Virgin Mobile 4G SIM
  • WiFi Calling works automatically once you’ve selected the WiFi Calling feature on your phone
  • Keep in touch on the underground with Virgin Media’s London tube hotspots – available in over 250 underground stations
  • WiFi Calling might not work with phones bought from other network providers

How much does WiFi Calling cost?

WiFi Calling is available at no extra cost. Calls and texts come out of the regular monthly allowance on your plan.

Can I use WiFi Calling abroad?

No. WiFi Calling only works in the UK.

Can I use WiFi Calling to make emergency calls?

If there’s no mobile signal and you have an internet connection, you can use WiFi Calling to phone 999. However, the emergency services won’t be able to automatically pick up your location, so you’ll need to tell them where you are.

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