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Compare Virgin mobile & SIM only deals

Why choose Virgin Mobile?

A popular brand with UK customers, Virgin Mobile has 
a range of tariffs at competitive prices and flexible plans, as well as features to help you save on your mobile bills. These include data-free social media, data rollover, and spending caps to help you manage your monthly mobile costs.  

What coverage does Virgin Mobile offer?

Virgin uses EE’s network, so you should enjoy excellent 4G coverage – available to 99% of the population. EE had also rolled out 5G to areas in more than 112 cities and large towns by 22 October 2020.

What tariffs and plans does Virgin Mobile offer?

Virgin Mobile offers a great range of pay monthly phone contracts and SIM only plans. Phone contracts are available for either 24 or 36 months, and SIM only for 12 or 24 months.

Both phone and SIM only plans are flexible. You have the option to upgrade or downgrade your tariff once a month. Freestyle phone contracts also allow you to trade in your handset for a newer model before your contract ends.

Virgin Mobile offers a good range of contract phone deals ranging from 1GB of 4G data up to unlimited data deals.

Call minutes and texts are unlimited for all new phone plans.

There are some reasonably priced deals for top brands including Apple iPhone, Samsung and Huawei.

If you don’t have the budget for a brand new phone, you could also pick up a refurbished phone.

Virgin Mobile SIM only deals

Among Virgin’s SIM-only deals are their SIM only ‘Family Plans’. Virgin offers these plans to their existing TV and broadband customers. These allow you to pay your family’s mobile bills in one go.

On the downside, Virgin’s unlimited SIM is only available to existing TV and broadband customers.

Frequently asked questions

What extras does Virgin Mobile offer?

Virgin offers a wealth of useful extras included in its pay monthly phone and SIM only plans:

  • Data rollover – any unused data from the current month gets added to the next month’s data.
  • Data-free socialising – message on WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook or Twitter without using up your data (voice and video calls excluded).
  • WiFi calling – call and text online when there’s no mobile signal; access to 3.5 million Virgin Media WiFi hotspots around the UK including 250+ London Underground and 79 London Overground stations.
  • Spending cap – set a monthly spending cap so you can’t use services outside your plan and won’t be paying for extra once you reach your allowance. You’ll get a text to warn you when you’re close to your limit – so no nasty surprises
  • Roam like at home – use your inclusive allowance in 43 EU destinations as you would at home. (It's possible this could change in future following Brexit, but as of 5 January 2021, this benefit was still in place.)
  • F-Secure – free online security protection for the first 12 months.
  • Free screen repair – if you, as most of us do, have clumsy moments, you might be thankful of this. For selected models, you can get one free screen repair valid for the first 12 months. It won’t cover any other damage though.

How does Virgin Mobile rate for customer service?

Virgin Mobile’s customer service rating is below average – certainly not terrible, but not one of the best either. According to the latest Ofcom customer service report, Virgin Mobile was rated as ‘average’ in terms of customers’ willingness to recommend the service to a friend.

In 2019, Virgin Mobile had the highest number of Ofcom customer complaints – 27 per 100,000 subscribers for pay monthly contracts, and only 51% of customers were satisfied with how their complaint was handled. But both figures were an improvement on the previous year.

What are the pros of Virgin Mobile?

  • excellent coverage
  • good range of useful extras included in pay monthly plans
  • option to bundle your mobile with a TV and broadband package

What are the cons of Virgin Mobile?

  • unlimited SIM deals only available to existing TV or broadband customers
  • customer service could be better
  • handset range is perhaps relatively limited
  • international roaming feature could be considered quite basic

See how Virgin Mobile compares to other mobile network providers.

How can I contact Virgin Mobile?

You can contact Virgin Mobile by calling 150 from your mobile or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-9pm; Saturday 8am-8pm and Sunday 8am-6pm.

Relay services are available including Video Relay with a British Sign Language interpreter if needed.

Alternatively, you can find information on the Virgin Media website.

Author image Matthew Brewer

What our expert says...

“Bundling your mobile with TV and broadband packages could work out cheaper than paying for separate services.

“Virgin Mobile offers exclusive deals and a monthly bonus to customers who bundle their mobile with TV and broadband.”

- Matthew Brewer, Broadband and mobile expert

How do I compare Virgin Mobile deals?

Simply click on the 'start comparing' green button below on this page and choose phone contract or SIM only plans. You can then filter your results to find the deals you’re interested in.

If you only want to see Virgin Mobile deals, click on the company logo in the network provider section after you’ve clicked below.