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Group travel insurance

Having a large group of friends is great, especially when you go travelling with them. Travelling within a bigger group of people means there’s added safety, no one gets left out and, of course, you can enjoy cheaper accommodation costs.


But, despite all that, when it comes to finding group travel insurance, the search can be a nightmare. Fear not. That’s where we come in.

What is group travel insurance?

Group travel insurance is a collection of individuals covered under a single policy who are travelling together. Surprisingly, even if you have a large group, travel insurance can cover all of you, at once. There are many benefits to getting large group travel insurance. This kind of insurance is great for groups who may have one or two ‘free spirited’ members i.e. people who live their lives in the moment, but sometimes forget to look before they leap.

Group insurance covers everybody, which means less stress, and quicker organisation, so you can start enjoying your holiday sooner.

Group travel insurance

Do you have to be related to get travel insurance for groups?

Nope. To use group travel insurance you don’t have to be related, but we do suggest at least meeting up once, or the plane journey might be a bit awkward.

How many people can group travel insurance cover?

This all depends on the insurer that you choose to cover you, but it can cover up to ten people if you do a quote through us. With extremely large groups, a specialist insurance policy may need to be taken out.

How does group travel insurance work?

This can vary between insurance providers and what deals they offer at the time. Some insurers will offer packages for a select number of people, but throw in bonuses like sports and activity cover that would otherwise be more expensive.

Other insurers will offer a great rate for large groups, but won’t include coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. While the price may be attractive, it’s better to be safe and get separate insurance for those who need extra or specialist cover, rather than take a risk. When getting a quote the lead traveller will need to supply all of the traveller’s details including any pre-existing medical conditions. 

How much does travel insurance for groups cost?

How much does travel insurance for groups cost?

The prices will vary depending on the insurer, but it sometimes works out cheaper to cover everybody at once. Because the more people you have travelling together in a group the higher the possibility of a loss. There are some insurers who may increase the overall policy excess with each additional person that is travelling on the group policy as the possibility of a loss is increased. This can quickly mount up. And if the group is especially large, you could end up paying more than you would for getting separate policies.

Where can you get large group travel insurance?

There are hundreds, if not more, group travel insurers on the internet and it can be incredibly hard to find one that fits your entire group’s needs. When you’re looking for cheap group travel insurance, it's important you’re aware of what your trip will entail. If you were to get travel insurance that didn’t cover sport related injuries and you all took part in an impromptu rugby match, then any injury sustained won’t be covered.

We want you all to enjoy your trip and have a policy that matches it. This is why we offer an extensive group travel insurance comparison that lets you choose the cover that’s right for you. All you need to do is pop in your details here, add the specifics of your trip and before you know it, you and your clan will be arguing over who deserves the window seat and who sleeps in the room with the snorer.

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