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Compare motorbike breakdown cover

Cover that gets you back on the road when you breakdown.

Cover that gets you back on the road when you breakdown.

Cover that gets you back on the road when you breakdown.

Cover that gets you back on the road when you breakdown.

Cover that gets you back on the road when you breakdown.

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Breakdown cover is not a qualifying product; however, compare prices now and find the right cover for you.

Motorcycle breakdown cover - what you need to know

Motorcycle breakdown cover is a policy that could help if you run into mechanical trouble. It could save you getting cold and wet on the roadside and ensure you and your motorbike are back up and running as quickly as possible with professional support.

The motorcycle is more popular than ever – numbers on UK roads have nearly doubled in the last 20 years, according to the DVLA.

We answer some common questions about breakdown insurance for motorbike owners.

Frequently asked questions

What types of motorbike breakdown cover are there?

When it comes to breakdown cover, the options are the same whether you have a motorbike, van or car. You can choose to insure either yourself or your vehicle.

Cover yourself
Personal policies cover the named person when they ride or drive any vehicle that meets the policy requirements. They also cover you if you’re a passenger. This type of policy can cover up to four people who live at the same address. The vehicles can be cars, vans or bikes.

Cover your motorbike
Vehicle policies cover the vehicle or vehicles specified on the policy. Up to four vehicles (cars, vans, or bikes) registered at the same address can be covered.

What kind of cover do I need for my motorcycle?

Once you’ve chosen between breakdown cover for your motorcycle and yourself, decide what kind of policy you want. There are five main types…

1. Roadside assistance
A recovery vehicle will come out to you and the mechanic will try to fix your motorbike at the side of the road. If this is not possible, you will usually be taken to the nearest garage.

2. Nationwide recovery
This includes roadside assistance, with the additional option to be taken to anywhere in the UK if roadside repair isn’t possible.

3. Home start
This type of cover applies if you’re close to your home address and your motorbike won’t start. The area it covers varies by provider, but it’s usually a quarter-mile radius of your home.

4. Onward journey
Cover that gets you to where you were going when you broke down. It might offer you reimbursement for the costs of temporary accommodation – a hotel room, for example. It could also cover you for the hire of a replacement vehicle, or medical assistance.

5. European cover
Adding European cover extends your recovery area to the European continent, making it a good choice for travel. Remember to check the details of your policy so you know which countries and which breakdown situations are covered.

Will I already have breakdown cover with my motorbike insurance?

Some insurance providers offer motorcycle breakdown cover as part of their policy, while others may include it as an optional extra. If you didn’t take out motorbike breakdown cover when you bought your bike insurance, it’s pretty easy to buy on its own. Why not see what’s available with a breakdown insurance quote? 

What happens if I don’t have breakdown cover?

If you don’t have motorbike breakdown cover and things go wrong, you might need to call around to find a willing friend or local garage to collect you. This could involve paying the garage a fee and you might have to find alternative transport to continue your journey.

Why compare motorcycle breakdown cover with Compare the Market?

There are lots of providers out there offering different levels of breakdown cover for motorbikes. Some are more expensive than others, but cheap motorbike breakdown cover might not provide the right level of cover for you. As well as looking at price, it’s a good idea to factor in the excess you would have to pay if you needed a call out, and the limitations of the policy.

Comparing breakdown cover with Compare the Market is easy. And many of the policies you can compare with us don’t have an excess charge. Just fill in your details and you’ll get a list of motorbike breakdown quotes from our panel of providers.

See which breakdown policy suits you best

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