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Personal trainer insurance

Personal trainer insurance

As a personal trainer or sports instructor your focus is helping people be the best they can be. But what about when it comes to keeping your own business fit and healthy?

Insurance for personal trainers means you can set about your day-to-day routine without living in fear of something going wrong. Here’s how…

David Edbrooke
Sub editor
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Posted 3 DECEMBER 2019

Do I need personal trainer insurance?

If you’re in a job where you work with the public, it’s always worthwhile to know you’re protected if something goes wrong.

You may think accidents and injuries never happen on your watch. But it only needs a client to trip over unattended gym equipment and twist their ankle, for you to find out the hard way that they can.


What type of personal trainer insurance do I need?

If you’re employed by a company, it’s worth checking out the personal trainer insurance already in place for you. If you work for yourself – and especially if you employ other people – it’s likely you’re in the market for personal trainer insurance.

Public liability insurance for personal trainers

Accidents usually happen when you’re least expecting them. If a client somehow manages to tear a muscle in a dance class you’re leading, they could decide to take legal action, leaving you in a vulnerable situation.

Public liability insurance protects you against claims made as a result of property damage or injuries sustained by members of the public, connected with your work. You can compare and take out a public liability insurance policy no matter what size your operation, and some customers may only offer you work if they know you’re covered.

Employers’ liability insurance for personal trainers

If you run your own gym, or offer fitness classes and hire instructors, cleaners, receptionists or anyone else, you’ll legally need employers’ liability insurance and a displayable certificate to prove it. Failure to have personal trainer insurance in this scenario can result in a fine of up to £2,500 for each day uninsured.

Business premises and contents for personal trainers

If you’re based in a fitness studio and have all your equipment on site, don’t forget you’ll need to get that covered too – making sure your business premises and contents cover is up-to-date and tailored to cater to your needs.

And if you travel with your work, check that your van insurance or car insurance policy also covers any kit being stored in the vehicle.

Get the right personal trainer insurance

Any insurance premium is based on a number of factors specific to you, like your claims history, size of your business and how much cover you need.

Get a personal trainer insurance quote now and see if you could save.

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