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What is legal protection on car insurance?

What is legal protection on car insurance?

There are a few reasons you might need motor legal protection. Here’s a quick guide to where adding legal expenses cover to your car insurance policy might come in handy. 

Daniel Hutson
From the Motor team
minute read
posted 30 OCTOBER 2019

Why might you need legal expenses insurance?

Legal expense cover is there to protect you, financially, if you need to raise a claim against another driver. With legal cover in place, your insurance will pay a solicitor’s fees associated with making your claim – often amounting to more than you’d think.

Legal expenses cover can also protect you if you cause an accident and the other driver decides to sue you. Just be aware that this might not be the case if the other driver isn’t insured or the claim is covered by another policy.

The idea of taking legal action following an accident might seem like a step too far. But if you sustain injuries from an accident that isn’t your fault, you might be left with expensive physiotherapy bills or need other medical treatment that your car insurance won’t cover. Should this happen, you’ll probably want to recoup those losses. This is known as Uninsured Loss Recovery.

When else might I need legal expenses insurance?

If you’re accused of a motoring offence, you may find you need to pay for a legal defence. Similarly, you could find yourself involved in a dispute when it comes to buying, selling or repairing a car. If either scenario goes to court, you’ll be covered for fees via legal expenses insurance.

How do I add legal protection to my car insurance?  

Legal protection doesn’t come as standard – you’ll need to add it as an optional extra. Speak to your insurance provider for advice on doing so. 

Can I claim on my legal expenses insurance if the accident is my fault?

If you’re to blame for an accident, you won’t be able to claim on your legal expenses cover.  

How much does it cost to add legal expense cover to your car insurance? 

Adding legal protection to your car insurance shouldn’t be a huge expense. You’re probably looking at £20 to £30 a year.  

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