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My car pulls to the right/left, what should I do?

It’s a worry to find your car pulling to one side, but there are a few reasons it can happen. Find out more with our guide.

It’s a worry to find your car pulling to one side, but there are a few reasons it can happen. Find out more with our guide.

Daniel Hutson
From the Motor team
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Posted 16 JANUARY 2020

Why is my car pulling to one side?

Steering pull can be nerve-wracking. And it’s also a safety issue, so you’ll need to have it seen to as soon as possible.

There are a few reasons why your car might pull to one side. A common one is that your wheel alignment is off. The good news is that any mechanic should be able to identify and fix car alignment issues easily, simply by realigning your wheels with the axels.

Are there any other reasons my car could be pulling to one side?

If wheel alignment isn’t to blame, there are a few other culprits to look out for, including:

  • the road is sloping - Few roads are perfectly flat – so it could be as simple as a sloping road causing the car to pull to one side. If the pull is persistent and to the same side, however, this probably isn’t the issue.
  • the brake hose is clogged - The brake hose delivers brake fluid to your tyres and if the hose gets clogged, the fluid won’t disperse evenly, which could cause your car to pull.
  • uneven tyre pressure - If one of your tyres has less pressure than the others, you could find you’re veering to one side. In this instance, you’ll just need to add more air. It’s easy to do yourself and you’ll find the recommended pressure level in the manufacturer’s handbook.
  • one of your tyres is worn out - Your tyre treads will inevitably wear over time. However, if you don’t rotate your tyres, one can wear down faster than the others. When this happens, you may find it affects your steering and it’s time for a new tyre.
  • there’s a part that needs replacing - If any of the car’s components are worn out – particularly those that govern the steering or suspension – it can affect how the car drives. You’ll need to have a mechanic give your car a once-over to identify the issue. This is something they should do as standard, when you take your car in for its MOT.   

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