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What is a car insurance cover note?

You may have heard the phrase ‘car insurance cover note’, but not been 100% sure what it is or when you might need one. Find out what a cover note is and how it differs from a certificate of insurance.

You may have heard the phrase ‘car insurance cover note’, but not been 100% sure what it is or when you might need one. Find out what a cover note is and how it differs from a certificate of insurance.

Written by
Julie Daniels
Motor insurance expert
Last Updated
20 JUNE 2024
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What is a cover note for vehicle insurance

‘Cover note’ is the term insurance providers use if they issue a temporary certificate of motor insurance. It provides proof that a vehicle is insured until the final documents are sent.

Cover notes used to be far more common when it took longer to issue insurance certificates. But with advances in technology, getting an insurance certificate is pretty quick these days so you come across cover notes less. But they do still exist.

When are cover notes issued?

Cover notes may be issued:

  • If you apply for insurance by phone or by post
  • When a policy is amended – for example, if you change your car or add a new driver to your policy
  • When an insurance provider wants to look more closely at the risks of insuring you before they supply a full policy
  • There’s a hold-up in processing your application, perhaps because of a hitch with your insurance provider’s systems.

Not every insurance provider issues cover notes. These days, most will email you a certificate as soon as you buy your insurance. Others will send you confirmation within 24 hours of payment.

Some smaller brokers and insurance providers still issue cover notes that could take around three to five working days to arrive by post or email.

Can I use a cover note as proof of insurance?

You can use a cover note as proof that you’re insured. For example, if you’re stopped by the police and asked to produce proof of insurance, they’ll accept a cover note if your insurance certificate has not yet arrived.

What information is in a car insurance cover note?

Cover notes normally contain details such as:

  • Your name and address
  • The vehicle details and registration number
  • Your excess (the amount you pay towards a claim)
  • Level of cover, for example comprehensive car insurance
  • Who can drive the vehicle
  • Policy numbers
  • Special conditions
  • Expiry date.

What if there’s a mistake on my cover note?

A mistake on your cover note could invalidate your insurance and you might not be able to make a claim.

When you receive your cover note, check the details, such as your date of birth and the spelling of your name, to make sure everything is correct.

If there’s a problem, let your insurance provider know as soon as possible. This will help avoid mistakes being repeated when your insurance documents are issued.

What happens if my certificate doesn’t arrive?

Your certificate should arrive before your cover note runs out, but if it doesn’t, get in touch with your insurance provider straight away. They should be able to let you know what’s happening and how they plan to resolve the problem. You can also check they have your correct postal address and/or email address.

If the certificate is delayed, your insurance provider should extend your cover note. Make sure your extension starts when your old cover note finishes, so there’s no gap in cover.

It’s illegal to drive on public roads without proof of insurance, so make sure your cover note has arrived before hitting the road.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a cover note and a policy?

A cover note is a temporary document offering proof that you’ve paid for your policy and your vehicle is insured. A policy is a more comprehensive document that details the exact terms of your insurance and what you’re covered for.

How long is a cover note valid for?

This will depend on your insurance provider. It’s unusual for one to last more than 30 days, and you’re highly unlikely to need it for that long.

Are the terms of a cover note the same as the terms of a full policy?

They’re usually the same. The exception is if you’ve been given a cover note because the insurance provider is looking more closely at your application. In this case, there may be some limitations on your cover.  

How do I get a cover note for car insurance?

When you apply for car insurance, your provider will let you know if they’ll send a cover note or your insurance certificate directly, as soon as your cover starts.

Can I drive my car immediately when I get my cover note?

As long as your car is taxed and has a valid MOT (if needed), you’ll be able to drive immediately as soon as you receive your cover note.

What happens if I lose my cover note?

If you lose your cover note, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible so they can issue you with a replacement.

Don’t drive until your replacement cover note arrives.

Are cover notes for car insurance free?

Cover notes are typically issued free of charge. However, your insurance provider should notify you of any costs before they send you the note.

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