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Is there an age limit on driving?

Is there an age limit on driving?

If you’re nearing your golden years, you may be wondering if it’s legal for you to keep driving. Are there any UK laws that prevent you from getting behind the wheel once you reach a certain age? And what can you expect from your car insurance premium? Let’s take a look.

Daniel Hutson
From the Motor team
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Posted 16 JANUARY 2020

Is there an age limit for driving in the UK?

No, there’s currently no maximum driving age in the UK. However, once you reach the age of 70, your licence will expire and you’ll have to renew it if you’re to continue driving. You’ll also need to have it renewed every three years from that point, until you decide to hang up your car keys for good. 

What can I expect from the licence renewal process?

About three months before your 70th birthday, you’ll get a D46P application form from the DVLA. The licence renewal process will vary depending on whether you own a paper or photocard licence. If you have a paper licence, you’ll need to complete the form and submit it with a new passport photo. If you already have a photocard licence, you’ll have to submit that along with the completed form – in most cases without the need for a new passport photo. Just be sure to double-check the instructions on the form. 

How much will it cost to renew my licence?

Drivers over 70 can renew their licence free of charge.

Do I need to go to the DVLA to renew my licence?

It’s an option, but you don’t have to go to the DVLA to renew your licence. You can do it via the post or online. If you opt to submit your renewal by post, it can take up to three weeks to receive your new licence. If you want to renew your licence online, you can do so on the gov.co.uk website and you’ll receive your new licence within one week.

Can I renew my licence before I turn 70?

You can get the ball rolling up to three months before your 70th birthday, but no sooner.

What if the DVLA hasn’t sent me the D46P application form?

Just give them a call on 0300 790 6801 to request one. You can also visit the post office and get a D1 form, or order one online.

Am I allowed to drive while my licence is being renewed?

You can drive while your licence is being renewed, but only under certain conditions. You’ll need to be given the okay by your doctor, and you must have had had a valid licence. Your renewal application can’t be more than a year old and, of course, you can’t drive if your licence was revoked or refused for medical reasons or you’ve been disqualified from driving. 

When should I stop driving?

That’s for you and your doctor to decide. It may be time to think about alternative transport if your reactions are starting to slow. Or if you have a health condition that might impact your driving ability, your eyesight is suffering or you’re finding driving increasingly stressful.

Do older drivers pay higher premiums for car insurance?

Drivers over the age of 70 may find they’re quoted higher premiums than those in their 60s. They’ll usually pay less than young drivers, though. 

How can I save money on car insurance if I’m over the age of 70?

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