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Over 70s car insurance

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Is it possible to still find cheap car insurance over the age of 70?

Although you won't be paying as little as you did in your 60s, it's still possible to find great deals on over 70s car insurance.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), age is a major factor when it comes to calculating the cost of premiums. However, their report shows that drivers between the ages of 71-75 are one of the least likely groups to make a claim.

This lower risk factor is reflected in car insurance costs. While the annual average car insurance premium stands at £755**, by comparison, 50% of customers could achieve a premium of up to £306***.

**Based on Compare the Market Premium Drivers Report March 2020.
***50% of over 70s could achieve a quote of up to £306 for their car insurance based on Compare the Market data in February 2020. 

Frequently asked questions

How can I cut the cost of my over 70s car insurance?

There are various ways that you might be able to reduce your car insurance premium:

  • Limit your annual mileage.
  • Buy a car in a lower insurance group. Generally, the higher the group number, the more expensive your insurance will be.
  • Increase your voluntary excess. If you've enjoyed years of claim-free driving, it may be worth paying a higher voluntary excess to reduce the overall cost of your insurance. Just make sure you can cover the excess cost, should you need to make a claim.
  • Take out a telematics policy. Telematics (black box) insurance can help reduce the cost of your premium, based on safe driving. This type of policy is typically offered to younger drivers, but there are some insurance providers who also offer telematics for senior drivers.

What else should I consider as an over 70s driver?

  • Driving licence renewal

When you reach 70, your driving licence will automatically expire. Read our simple guide to how to go about renewing your driving licence after age 70.

  • Medical conditions

You’ll need to inform the DVLA and your insurance provider if you have any medical conditions. If you don’t declare something that could affect your driving, it might invalidate your policy. You could also be fined up to £1,000 or even face prosecution, if you have an accident as a result of your condition.

A medical condition doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be banned from driving, but you may have to take a driving assessment course to prove you’re still a safe driver. It could also increase your car insurance premium.

  • Advanced driving assessment

Driving today is far more hectic than it used to be. If you feel like you’ve lost some of your confidence, an advanced driving course could give you the reassurance that you’re still a safe driver. Or simply help you brush up on your driving skills.

Where can I find over 70s car insurance?

You can find a range of competitive over 70s car insurance quotes right here, at Compare the Market. Shopping around is one of the easiest ways to get a cheaper quote.

Compare car insurance with us today to see if you can get a great deal on your next premium.

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