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Written by
Julie Daniels
Motor insurance comparison expert
1 MARCH 2023
3 min read
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The most popular first cars

Choosing the car that will kickstart your driving journey is a milestone moment in every driver’s life. Some of us already have an idea of exactly which model we want as soon as we pass our driver’s test, while others prefer to keep their options open.

We’ve compiled a list of the UK’s most popular first cars found across the UK, highlighting which come out on top according to the driver’s age and where they live.

The UK’s 10 most popular first cars

The Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Mini Cooper rank as the most popular first cars in the UK.

These vehicles likely are a hit among first-time drivers thanks to their small size, stylish design and general affordability. New drivers can benefit from owning a compact car, as they’re easier to manoeuvre, and these three models not only tick that box but also offer a peppy, fun driving experience with plenty of visual appeal. They also tend to be relatively affordable to insure, which is ideal for new or young drivers who can face high insurance premiums.

Check out which other cars make the top 10 list below.

Which are the most popular first cars among different age generations?

Some are eager to learn to drive, and begin lessons as soon as we turn 17, while others may decide to learn to drive later in life. So how does age influence our choice of a first car?

We found that Gen Z and Millennials both favour the Ford Fiesta, which ranks as the most popular first car among these age groups. Meanwhile, Gen X and Boomer drivers (aged 43-58, and 59-77, respectively) most commonly opt for the Honda Jazz as their first car.

Find the top five cars for each generation below.

The most popular first cars by region

We know the Ford Fiesta is the number one car for first-time drivers across the UK. But which vehicle models are the most popular in each region of the country?

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular first cars in every region of the UK.

Essential tips for new drivers: How to stay safe on the road

Passing your driving test and buying your first car is only the start of your driving journey, and there’s still a lot left to learn. First-time drivers will benefit massively from taking the time to get to know their new car and how it works, including developing some basic car maintenance skills. Learning how to take on simple tasks like topping up oil and changing windscreen wipers could save motorists a lot of money on a mechanic.

Finding the right car insurance should also be a big consideration for new drivers, who are often faced with higher premiums due to limited driving experience. Opting for black box insurance can lower these premiums and make insurance more affordable.


Sourced from Comparethemarket’s own customer data. First time car owners were assumed as anyone buying car insurance who stated that they had owned a driving licence for a period of one year or less.

To identify the most popular make and model, we combined model variants which gave us the outcome of the top 10 ranking.

This source was used to determine the age range for each generation. For the purpose of this study, we combined Boomers I and Boomers II, for unified ‘Boomers’ generational data.