The UKs most popular first cars

Buying your first car after passing your test is an exciting rite of passage – and choosing your make and model is a big part of the experience. Let’s look at the UK’s most popular first cars according to the driver’s age, gender and where they live.

The Vauxhall Corsa is the most popular first car in the UK. See what other cars make the top 10 below.

the UK's most popular first cars
the UK's most popular first car brands

Certain cars are bought predominantly by men, while others are more popular with women. Find out the gender favourites here.

first car gender preferences

Are Minis at the top in Manchester? What about Golfs in Glasgow or Clios in Cardiff? Here’s a breakdown of the most popular first cars by region.

favourite first cars by region

Drivers pass their test at different times in their lives – so does how old you are affect your first car choice? Below are the most popular first cars by age.

popular first cars by age

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Sources and Methodology:

Sourced from Compare the Market’s own customer data from the date period June 2018 to May 2019. First time car owners were assumed as anyone buying car insurance who stated that they had owned a driving licence for 1 year or less.