My car window is broken, what should I do?

Whether it was caused by a stray cricket ball or something more serious, like vandalism, a broken car window should be fixed ASAP. Here’s what to do about it.  

Daniel Hutson From the Motor Team
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How do I make a claim?

The claims process for a broken window is the same as any other claim. Most insurance providers will have a 24-hour helpline that you can call as soon as you notice the break. Check your policy documents for a step-by-step guide to the claims process and what happens afterwards.

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Will I lose my no-claims discount if I make a claim for a broken window?

Probably not. Most insurance providers will leave your no-claims discount intact if you claim for a broken window. But it’s always best to check your policy documents, to be 100% sure.

What will a car window replacement cost?

That will vary according to where you have it replaced and what kind of car you drive.

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What if my windscreen is broken, cracked or chipped?

A damaged windscreen is a bigger concern than a broken car window. Not only can it affect visibility while driving, it also weakens the overall structure of your car and could lead to a fine and penalty points. You’ll need to have your windscreen repaired the moment you notice the damage. Luckily, any glass specialist that fixes car windows will be able to repair your windscreen – the average cost for windscreen replacement is just over £200 . Don’t forget to check if you have windscreen cover with your car insurance before you shell out, though.

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